Dear Members,

We have a few items for your review and action. Please take a moment out of your day to give these items your attention.

REMINDER: CERTS Application Portal Closes in One Week

We are just a week away from the CERTS grant application deadline of 7/19. Click here to access the website for the application portal. Also on this the webpage you will find CERTS program guidelines, frequently asked questions, and instructions regarding the ID.me identity service. Please note that after the deadline, the portal will not accept new applications, and users will not be able to finish draft applications in the portal. If you need help, call (877) 398-5862 for the CERTS Help Desk.

H.R. 3684, the Invest in America Act: Members received two email alerts on the impacts to the Charter Rule, but it seems we still have work to do! The bill was passed in the House right before July 4th recess period. While there were slight changes made to the language in an amendment, it remains problematic. The changes made adopted by the House are as follows:

  • reduced the qualifying number of days for the service to last to be less than 15 days instead of less than 30 days; 

  • added a new restriction limiting the service provided to the geographic service area in which the transit agency provides regularly scheduled public transportation service

Specifically, the problematic provision impacting the Charter Rule in the H.R. 3684 (can be found here: https://www.congress.gov/117/bills/hr3684/BILLS-117hr3684rh.pdf), can be found starting on p. 699. 

We need your help. Please use this link ABA created to help connect with your Member of Congress and both Senators: http://createsend.com/t/i-BB291CBB79B5917F2540EF23F30FEDED

Thank you!
Patricia Cowley
Executive Director
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Contact: Pattie Cowley, Executive Director | Greater New Jersey Motorcoach Association 
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