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February 13, 2023

OML Announces Newly Enhanced Advocacy Initiatives

We are excited to inform you of the latest actions the Ohio Municipal League is taking to strengthen our advocacy efforts and better represent your community to the state’s executive and legislative policymakers. 

Some legislators have said that, during the 135th Ohio General Assembly, it will be their priority to make reforms to all existing tax structures in Ohio, including the municipal income tax. This could lead to further changes in how municipal income taxes are administered, putting the sustainability of this critical funding source in jeopardy.

Given the dynamics of this Legislature, the next two years will be especially challenging to navigate as special interest groups continue their efforts to erode local regulations and compromise the ability of municipalities to operate in a manner consistent with the home-rule authority granted to them through Article XVIII of the Ohio Constitution.

For all these reasons, OML is taking action to strengthen our advocacy efforts on your community’s behalf, and we are asking for participation from our members. Here’s what to know:

The Montrose Group. OML has engaged with The Montrose Group, a Capitol Square consulting firm focused on lobbying and local economic development strategies, to expand our advocacy footprint and enhance our strategies for protecting municipalities. This will provide more predictability and allow us to engage in more opportunities to impact policy. The Montrose Group is a well-respected firm with a strong track record of experience on municipal-related issues.


To support this enhanced advocacy work, we are asking our member municipalities to contribute $250 by check to OML. Those who choose to contribute will also be part of our new Legislative Action Committee.

Legislative Action Committee. OML is creating a new committee – for members who participate – to have added influence on the legislative process and to provide our members with the opportunity to offer their perspectives on important issues under consideration by lawmakers. Your participation includes: additional and more detailed information on legislation, including hearing from key legislators; participation in conversations regarding current legislation; and briefings on interested-party meetings that involve OML.

We will soon be inviting members who choose to engage with us in this opportunity to a webinar to provide further details. But please know that, through these efforts, OML will be more strategic in combatting policy changes that negatively impact our members while working more proactively to initiate legislation that proves helpful to cities and villages. Furthermore, we will be establishing a strong foundation to not only be more effective during the 135th Ohio General Assembly, but also in the years to come.

For your convenience, you can download a PDF invoice below.


Thank you for your continued support.

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