SBA Resumes Paycheck Protection Program
An Additional $320 billion has been added to the Paycheck Protection Program. Lenders are once again accepting applications for the new forgivable federal PPP loan. Learn how to apply and find a lender near you.
Resilience, Repurpose, Recovery

Webinar: Keeping Your Business Relevant During the COVID-19 Crisis

Monday, May 4, 2020 at 1 p.m.
Hosted by the City of Sacramento’s Office of Innovation and Economic Development, examine different ways businesses can stay relevant and still deliver services and products to customers and how to develop a strategy for the post-COVID-19 era.
Panelist Include local marketing and communication gurus Meghan Phillips, Founder/CEO of Honey, Tina Reynolds CEO/Chief Juggler of Uptown Studios and will be moderated by Azizza Davis-Goines, President of the Sacramento Black Chamber of Commerce.

Submit a letter of support on AB 2595 (Reyes) by Friday, May 1st
Please submit a letter of Support on AB 2595 (Reyes). Below you will find links to a sample support letter for you to use and put on letterhead along with the proposed amendments for your reference. CCY is still waiting for the amendments to process and a referral to committee hence the letter is addressed to Asm. Reyes. Please submit by Friday, May 1st . Please submit letters to our Legislative Advocate, Kim Lewis at .

There is now a digital option to submit letters:

  1. Go to the Registration Page (click “registration” under the “How Do I get Started?” section).
  2. Select the No bubble next to “Are you a registered lobbyist?”
  3. Complete the required fields in the User Details box.
  4. Select the box labeled “I am affiliated with an organization.”
  5. Begin typing the name of your Organization. Select your Organization from the dropdown that will appear as you type.
  6. If your Organization does not return in the dropdown, select “Create a new Organization”.
  7. Complete the Account Detail fields.
  8. Complete the Captcha and Click “Register.”

Once registered, you can send letters to Author staff accepting submissions through the Advocacy website by:

  1. Go to the Submit a Letter page
  2. Enter the desired measure type and measure number
  3. Click the “Next=>Select Client” button
  4. Select The Client You are Representing or Select Other Organizations
  5. Click the “Next=>Select Recipient” button
  6. Check mark the author staff name in the Author Staff section. If the Author is not accepting submissions for the desired bill, there will be no staff name to select.
  7. Click the “Next=>Upload Letter” button
  8. Select the Stance
  9. Enter Subject
  10. Upload the letter file by clicking the “Choose File” button
  11. Click the “Next=>Review Submission” button
  12. Review the information, complete the Captcha and click “Submit Position Letter”