Member Alert:
Information from U.S. Treasury on Final Guidance for Receiving and Using American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Funds
May 11, 2021
As we announced yesterday in our special bulletin, the U.S. Dept. of Treasury released final guidance HERE regarding how state and local governments can use the relief funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).
Below is additional information on an important briefing tomorrow from NLC on the latest information from Treasury, and how Ohio municipalities can request and allocate the ARPA assistance:
·        Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 12 at 4 p.m., the National League of Cities (NLC) is hosting a Federal Advocacy Update on the Treasury guidance for ARPA’s Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. This meeting will unpack the guidance and share resources and recommendations for municipal officials to utilize the funds appropriately. You will need to register for that meeting HERE.
·        Metro cities with over 50,000 residents that will receive their fund directly from Treasury are required to submit a request for those funds. Those requests can be submitted through the Treasury Submission Portal HERE. Municipalities must submit a request even if they have previously applied for other programs through the Portal.
o  Municipalities will be asked to provide the following information in their request:
§ Jurisdiction name, taxpayer ID number, DUNS Number, and address
§ Authorized representative name, title, and email
§ Contact person name, title, phone, and email
§ Funds transfer information, including recipient’s financial institution, address, phone, and routing number and account number
§ Completed certification document (to be signed by the authorized representative)
o  Non-entitlement municipalities with populations under 50,000 units will receive their ARPA funds through the state of Ohio. The state has 30 days to distribute those funds to non-entitlement municipalities, but they can also request one extension if unable to meet the initial 30-day deadline. This action to distribute the dollars through the state will require legislation. We will keep our members updated as soon as more information becomes available from the Ohio legislature on the process and estimated timelines for distributions.
o        Treasury has released the breakdown of final allocations to Metro cities, as well as the overall allocation to each state to later be distributed to each non-entitlement municipality.
o  You can find the list of Metro cities with populations over 50,000 HERE whom will receive the distributions directly from the federal government.
o  Treasury released a breakdown of the overall allocation to states that will then be disbursed to individual non-entitlement municipalities with populations under 50,000, which you can access HERE. Treasury will be releasing a final breakdown for allocations to each non-entitlement municipality in the next couple of days. We will make that breakdown available to our members when it is released.
o  You can find a list of the allocations by Ohio counties HERE.
o        Treasury has released a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the ARPA funds, which you can access HERE. Treasury says that it will be updating this document periodically in response to questions from stakeholders. 

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