March 23, 2017   
Spring brings change and renewal.
New opportunities for solar are budding in some surprising places. By the time this membership year ends on June 30th, we will have seen the market for solar transform over the past year in some unexpected ways.
Over the next several weeks, CanSIA will be helping our members adapt and plan for new opportunities. Members will be able to participate in a new Alberta Community-Scale Solar Electricity Forum, a webinar reviewing the Market Outlook for Solar in Alberta, a webinar presenting a policy and regulatory scan for community solar and virtual net metering in Canada and a not to be missed Solar West Conference in Edmonton this May.

We would also like to invite communications and public relations experts and enthusiasts within our Member companies to sign up to join our Communications and Public Relations Network. We will be seeking input, expertise and engagement from this group in our upcoming membership year in renewed efforts to build public support for solar energy.
If you are not yet a member and you believe that your company will gain from a flourishing solar industry in Canada, consider joining our Association of nearly 300 companies who are dedicated to helping our industry grow. You can apply online to join immediately, or on the first day of our next membership year July 1st, by completing our membership application form.
Current Members can now request early renewal for the next membership year. Members who renew by June 30th will receive a 10% early bird discount.
For more information on joining or renewing, please contact Lisa Hatina, Business Development & Member Relations Manager, at 866-522-6742 ext.230 or email
Business Opportunities  
Apply to Participate in the Trade Accelerator Program for FreeTAP
The Ministry of Energy is developing and supporting ways to promote Ontario's energy expertise abroad.  As part of this initiative, the Toronto Region Board of Trade is offering companies the opportunity to participate in its Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) at no cost - waiving its usual fee of $2,500.
Interested companies should fill out this application form and return it to Gwenaele Montagner at and Hartley Springman by March 24, 2017.

Through a two-day workshop and 90 days of mentoring, the program provides unmatched access to Canada's top exporting advisors, resources and contacts to help companies surpass the challenges preventing them from successfully executing global expansion efforts. Click here to learn more about the program.
The Ministry and TAP are seeking 25 companies to participate in an energy company-focused TAP program on June 6-7, 2017 in downtown Toronto.  
Please see the eligibility requirements on page 3 of the application form. The requirement for companies to have $1 million in annual revenue may be waived for companies that are otherwise export ready. All companies, regardless of size, are encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions, please contact Gwenaele Montagner, Program Manager, Toronto Region Board of Trade at 416-862-5203 or email

NB Power invites local entities to participate in renewable energy projectNB
Local entities (municipalities, co-operatives and not-for profit organizations) are invited to submit proposals to NB Power under the Community Renewable Energy - Local Entities Opportunity, which is the second phase of the government's Locally-Owned Renewable Energy Small Scale (LORESS) Program, by 3 p.m. on April 28.

The program allows for the production of 40 megawatts of electricity from renewable resources like hydro, biomass, wind and solar energy. A maximum of 20 megawatts can be owned by one or more local entity, or 40 megawatts can be owned by two or more local entities if they are located on the same site.

NB Power, along with the Department of Energy and Resource Development, will hold five public information sessions to give potential proponents an opportunity to ask questions about the program and the process for submitting proposals. Dates and locations of the sessions will be made available at a later date.

Click here to find details about the program and NB Power's request for expression of interest. Questions can be emailed to or sent by fax to 506-458-4089.

Industry Knowledge Sharing 
Announcing the Launch of the CanSIA Alberta Community-Scale Solar Electricity Forumforum
In 2016, Alberta's Micro-Generation Regulation was reviewed and revised resulting in several enhancements including the removal of the requirement for it to be periodically reviewed and extended, an increase from 1 to 5 MW in the maximum system size and an easing of the siting restrictions.  In 2017, Alberta Energy will be reviewing the policy and regulatory framework for generation connected to the distribution -system that is not "tied-to-load" which currently falls under the definition of "Distributed Generation". 

Proposed Timelines for this initiative are as follows:

Wednesday, March 22nd
CanSIA Members are invited to join Forum mailing list.
Wednesday, March 29th
E-Survey circulated to Forum Members to solicit initial feedback.
Thursday, April 6th
Forum Kick-Off Webinar to present draft positions and solicit feedback.
Monday, April 10th
Deadline for Forum to provide feedback following Kick-Off Webinar.
Tuesday, April 11th
Network Webinar with broader Membership to present proposed final recommendations.
Thursday, April 13th
Deadline for Network to provide feedback following Network Webinar.
Tuesday, April 18th
Final draft circulated to Forum.
Friday, April 21st
Final submission made to Alberta Energy.

Materials, meeting notices and agendas will be distributed to those that subscribe to the Forum mailing list. Recommended pre-reading includes the following submission to the Alberta Energy Efficiency Advisory Panel.

CanSIA Members can sign-up for the 'Alberta Community-Scale Solar Electricity' Forum through the Members-Only Portal.

Join the Communications & Public Relations Networkcommunications
CanSIA has three Networks through which to optimize member resources when engaging and collaborating with CanSIA. The networks provide our Members with a new avenue for accessing research, analytics, and updates from the executive team.

This month, we would particularly like to invite all communications and public relations experts and enthusiasts within our Member companies to sign up to join our Communications and Public Relations Network. We will be seeking input, expertise and engagement from this group in our upcoming membership year toward renewed efforts to build public support for solar energy.

CanSIA Members can sign up for the Networks of their interest through the Members-Only Portal.

If you have any questions regarding the Communications & Public Relations Network, please contact Erin Seegmiller at

The Market Outlook for Solar Electricity in Albertawebinaralberta
Date: Tuesday, March 28, 2017
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET | 12:00 - 1:00 PM MT

CanSIA is working with a consultant to evaluate the potential for Solar generation development in Alberta for the purpose of developing an outlook for the solar penetration by market segment from 2017 through to 2030. In this webinar, CanSIA members will have the opportunity to learn the results of this research and participate in a discussion of their implications on CanSIA's policy development activities.

CanSIA Members can register for the 'The Market Outlook for Solar Electricity in Alberta' Webinar through the Members-Only Portal.

Policy & Regulatory Scan for Community Solar & Virtual Net Metering in Canadacommunityvirtual
Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET | 12:00 - 1:00 PM MT

The definition of "Community Solar" varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In all cases, it involves the participation of civil society in a solar electricity generation project. Traditionally, participation was driven by a shared mission of democratization and decarbonization. Now with solar capital costs lower than ever and project economics reaching the required level of return for many investor profiles, the pool of those willing to participate is deepening. As policy-makers and regulators seek to encourage a greater role for distributed energy resources in the electricity system, the options for (and ease for) participation is greater. However, policy and regulatory frameworks dictate project sizing and siting, how the project is paid for and who owns it and how compensation is received (and by whom) for the value delivered. "Virtual Net Metering" is one regulatory approach to billing and account settlement that is becoming more popular to enable community solar. This webinar will explore existing and proposed approaches to community solar and virtual net metering that exist across a number of jurisdictions and will examine the compatibility of each for the varying provincial and territorial electricity market structures of Canada.

CanSIA Members can register for the 'Policy & Regulatory Scan for Community Solar & Virtual Net-Metering in Canada' Webinar through the Members-Only Portal.

Save the date for CanSIA's upcoming webinars happening later this year: Save 
  • Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change: Implications for Solar Energy (Tuesday, April 25th, 2 PM ET | 12 PM MT)
CanSIA Network Webinars are offered to Members only. To learn more about the benefits of a   CanSIA Membership, do not hesitate to contact Lisa Hatina, Business Development and Member Relations Manager, at

Upcoming SESA Workshops SESA
The Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA) is a non-profit, educational organization, which serves as a resource for government, educational institutions and the public at large. SESA holds seminars, workshops, and classes and is offering 10% off one course registration per year for Corporate Members of CanSIA.

Upcoming workshops include:
Battery Based Photovoltaic Systems
  • Edmonton - March 24
  • Calgary - April 21

CanSIA Members can click here to learn more about these workshops and how to access the 10% discount.

Profile Building & Events    
Solar West is fast-approaching and this year is sure to be the best one yet! Join us this may and get leading industry insight on business development opportunities, public opinion and public policy.

From 'concept' to 'implementation', here are some of the key questions that will be addressed:
  • What are the benefits of solar energy to Western Canada and are they well understood?
  • What is the status of public policy for solar energy and is it developing favourable for solar energy?
  • How is the business case for solar energy evolving in Western Canada and when will market segments mature?
  • What are the key regulations that govern solar energy technology and how can industry best manage compliance?

This year, we expect to welcome 400 attendees who will be seeking to understand how they can invest and create jobs in Western Canada in the solar energy industry. Looking forward to seeing you there! 


CanSIA Members save up to $200 on full conference pass - register here!

Call for Nominations: "Moment in the Sun"Moment
Calling all hard working, sun loving, champions of the solar industry! CanSIA is searching for a few good men and women to feature in an upcoming report that will tell the story of solar's positive economic, environmental, and societal benefits. We're looking for people who work in Canada's solar electricity industry, and who in some way personify the spirit of the solar energy.

Your nominee might be an installer, a scientist, an executive, a developer, or anyone in between. It could be a colleague, friend, mentor or even yourself!

Simply click here to nominate someone who deserves "A Moment in the Sun"!

Toronto Solar Mixer - next Wednesday!  Mixer
Date: March 29, 2017 (hint: the last Wednesday of every month!)
Location: Black Bull Tavern, 298 Queen St W, Toronto
Register here for free!

We bring you the March edition of Solar Drinks - a monthly opportunity for solar professionals to meet, greet, drink, and network! We are returning to Black Bull Tavern, located on the northeast corner of Queen and Soho. This event will be a cash bar! Come out one and all!

Policy Development & Advocacy   
Policy and Research Update: February EditionPolicy 
Each month, CanSIA Members are sent the Policy and Research Update which provides the essential news on all policy and regulatory matters.  CanSIA Members can access this month's Policy & Research Update as well as past editions through the Members-Only Portal.

Here are some highlights from February's edition of Policy and Research Update:


Stay tuned for the next edition of the Policy and Research Update next week, which will include an analysis of Budget 2017 and it's effect on the Canadian solar industry.


  To learn more about the benefits of a   CanSIA Membership, do not hesitate to contact Lisa Hatina, Business Development and Member Relations Manager, at
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