September 2017   
Top Three Reasons Why You Should Apply for a Game Changer Award
Every year, CanSIA and members of the industry get together to look back on the year's achievements and toast the innovators and inspiring leaders at CanSIA's annual Game Changer Awards. This year, we will be hosting a Game Changer Awards Brunch on December 5, in conjunction with Solar Canada.

From future-forward architecture with solar integration to a community-focused solar project - it's time to celebrate those who have made an impact on the solar industry. It's time to recognize the important work of you and your organization.

But first and foremost, it's time to apply for a Game Changer Award!

Here are the top three reasons to apply for CanSIA's Game Changer Awards:

Increase awareness
The solar industry is filled with unsung heroes that are committed to building a greener and economically sustainable future for Canadians. Let your work shine - raise your organization's profile with the new title 'Game Changer Award Winner'. Game Changer Award winners are not only announced at Solar Canada, but also recognized and celebrated throughout the year in CanSIA's digital and print communications.

Motivate others
You're proud of what your organization has accomplished and you want to celebrate it with the rest of the industry. Moreover, your colleagues will appreciate being recognized for their hard work and ingenuity. The experience of winning together will be something your team won't soon forget!

It has never been easier
No need to wait for a nomination to roll your way, simply fill out an application yourself. Check out the Game Changer Award categories to find one that is a good fit for you and your organization.

This year, we are introducing a new award: Solar Industry's Choice Award. The recipient will be honoured for leading by example, demonstrating long-term thinking for the industry and a win/win attitude. And for the first time ever, CanSIA Members will have the chance to vote on the winner! Answer two questions and you'll be done applying for this award.

We look forward to receiving your application and seeing you at the awards ceremony. Click here to learn more about the Game Changer Awards and apply today.

Please read on for some upcoming CanSIA Member benefits and services.
Member Networks & Forums   
New Green ON Fund Solar Program ForumGreenOn
As part of Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan and the Green ON Fund (GOF), it is anticipated that the Government of Ontario will launch an incentive program for net-metered solar electricity generation in Q4, 2017.

CanSIA's Green ON Fund Forum will monitor the development and implementation of the GOF solar program and will work with the IESO and other stakeholders to support the goals of the program are met effectively and efficiently. Leading up to the launch of this program, CanSIA expects to have an open dialogue with the IESO to provide input and feedback on the design of the program in advance of its initial launch. As a secondary objective, the Forum will provide members with the latest developments and updates related to the GOF programs.

CanSIA Members can join the forum through the Members-Only Portal.

Building Public Support for Solar Kick-OffBPSS
CanSIA's public polling continually shows that Canadians favour solar energy as their choice for new electricity generation.  However, it also shows that most Canadians do not understand how cost competitive it has become nor how it positively supports (not detracts from) grid reliability. Even well-informed Canadians can be confused by misinformation in the media.  

In a recent industry survey, 96% of CanSIA Members 'strongly agree' or 'agree' that improving the public's perception of solar energy is important. CanSIA's new strategic project for the 2017/2018 membership year, Building Public Support for Solar (BPSS), will take a pro-active approach to educate the public while shifting the perception of solar from a future technology to a present day solution.

There is still time to support CanSIA's BPSS and to contribute your company's knowledge and perspective to the project.  Contact Lisa Hatina, CanSIA Business Development and Member Relations Manager, to find out how you can get involved in Building Public Support for Solar.

CanSIA launches Utility-Scale Solar Electricity Cost ForumUtilityForum
The CanSIA Utility-Scale Solar Electricity Cost Forum has been initiated for the leading developers, engineers and other active participants in the utility-scale solar supply-chain from CanSIA's Membership to provide feedback to the National Energy Board (NEB) during the preparation and publication of a pan-Canadian assessment of the cost of utility-scale solar.  The NEB is an independent economic regulatory agency created in 1959 by the Government of Canada to oversee "international and inter-provincial aspects of the oil, gas and electric utility industries". Their upcoming report will be an important tool for policy-makers, regulators, and energy markets, expected to be published as early as Q4 2017.  This initial report will not cover the cost of smaller scale solar electricity generation, but future iterations may.  

CanSIA Members can join the forum through the Members-Only Portal.

Event Discounts 
EBIC: Energy Business Innovation ConferenceEBIC
The EBIC Conference is being held from October 25-26th at the Hilton Meadowvale Hotel in Mississauga.  EBIC will pave the way for new technology and other advances in the sector, helping you to stay ahead of the curve and gain a competitive advantage. This event is relevant to everyone in your company as it will address the latest in management, communications, human resources, customer service, finance and regulation.

This year, CanSIA's very own President & CEO, John Gorman, will be presenting a session entitled Moving Towards Sustainable Energy, on October 27.

Don't miss this exciting conference. CanSIA Members can access discount code on the Members-Only Event Discount Page.

Solar Canada 2017 to Welcome High Profile Speakers solcan

Solar Canada 2017, CanSIA's annual national conference and trade show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on December 4 & 5, will welcome the Honourable Glenn Thibeault, Ontario Minister of Energy and Member of Provincial Parliament for Sudbury, Monica Curtis, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Efficiency Alberta; Parminder Sandhu, Chair of the Board of Directors, Green Ontario Fund; and Teresa Sarkesian, President & CEO, Electricity Distributors Association. Many more will be added in the coming month.
Corporate and Supporter Members of CanSIA save $300 per registering participant and early-bird pricing will be available until Tuesday October 10th.
Upcoming SESA Workshops SESA
The Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA) is a non-profit, educational organization, which serves as a resource for government, educational institutions and the public at large. SESA holds seminars, workshops, and classes and is offering 10% off one course registration per year for Corporate Members of CanSIA.
Photovoltaic System Design and Modelling
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Date: October 27-29, 2017
This class is designed for electricians, technicians, engineers, solar installers, sales people and those with a basic understanding of electrical theory and electrical terminology, who wish to understand how to design and evaluate the performance of solar electric systems.

How to Hook Up to Alberta's Grid as a Solar Micro-Generator
Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Date: October 21, 2017
This 4-hour workshop, will address this opportunity and cover solar electric system equipment, siting, permitting, economics and more. Solar PV 101 will be of interest to homeowners, business owners and condo boards.

CanSIA Members can learn more about these workshops and how to access the 10% discount on the Members-Only Event Discounts Page.

Upcoming WiRE Eventswire
Montreal Networking Meet-Up
Date: Monday October 2, 5:30-7:30pm
Featured Speakers: Jennifer Huinink, Director, Talent Programs, Ontario Power Generation & Viviane Maraghi, Development Manager, RES Group on the EHRC Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity in Canada's Energy Sector
Women Only, Always Free, Registration Required
Southgate Solar Farm Field Trip, Mississauga ON
Men and Women Welcome
Date: October 11th, 10:30am-1:00pm
About: Join us in Mississauga to learn about the construction of a utility scale ground mount solar farm, as well as for a tour of the fully operating Southgate solar farm.
Cost: $25 and includes lunch  

Business Opportunities   
The City of Toronto's High-rise Retrofit Improvement Support Program (Hi-RIS)HiRis
Hi-RIS provides competitive financing at fixed rates to property owners wanting to undertake building improvements that reduce energy and water consumption or install renewable energy technologies. Residential apartment buildings with 3 or more storeys are eligible to apply for this program and low cost financing can be provided for a term of 5 to 20 years.
As of 2017, Hi-RIS can now fund renewable energy technology such as solar PV & geothermal!
Roughly half of the initial $10 million Hi-RIS financing envelope currently remains and only until December 31, 2018.

Members can view more information in CanSIA's Business Opportunities Listings.

World Smart Energy Week 2018WorldSmartEn

World Smart Energy Week is an annual event and one of the world's largest international Clean Technologies / Renewable Energy trade shows. It includes exhibitions, conferences and B to B meetings covering a wide range of cutting-edge products & technologies from various energy sub-sectors.  The Embassy of Canada will be exhibiting at World Smart Energy Week and Global Affairs Canada
This event aims to maximize face time for Canadian clients (cleantech companies and research institutes) with Japanese counterparts to discuss integrative trade opportunities (licensing, joint R&D, strategic partnerships, project investment).
The Embassy of Canada will exhibit and would like to invite Canadian solar companies to participate in the event. With Japan's Feed-in-Tariff as a catalyst, the show is expected to more than 2,000 exhibitors from 30 countries and 60,000 visitors from Japan and overseas. This event offers an excellent opportunity for Canadian clients to identify business and market opportunities, establish commercial and innovation partnerships and seek investment in a wide range of Sustainable Technologies related sub-sectors.

The deadline of the pre-registration is November 30th, 2017. Members can view more information in CanSIA's Business Opportunities Listings.

CIIRDF Launches New Call for Canada-Israel R&D ProjectsCIIRDF

The Canada-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (CIIRDF) has launched a Call for Proposals (CFP) for bilateral R&D projects.  Leveraging support from the Governments of Canada and Israel, this CFP aims to stimulate R&D collaboration between firms in Canada and Israel with a focus on the commercialization of new technologies.

Private sector companies from Canada and Israel are invited to propose joint research, R&D and technology development projects for the creation of innovative products or processes with a non-defence application. The maximum duration of a CIIRDF project is 36 months.

Following a rigorous evaluation process, CIIRDF will select and award Canada-Israel R&D teams with financial contributions up to 50 percent of the eligible project costs to a maximum of CDN$ 800,000 per project. Clean/sustainable technologies pertaining to renewable energy will be given special consideration.

Summary Proposal Deadline: October 6, 2017
Full Proposal Deadline: October 31, 2017

Members can view more information in CanSIA's Business Opportunities Listings.
Federal Suppliers: Meet the Procurement Ombudsman!Ombudsman
Created in 2008, the Office of the Procurement Ombudsman's mission is to promote fairness, openness and transparency in federal procurement. The Office assists businesses by addressing inquiries and complaints on federal procurement, and offers suppliers both formal and informal dispute resolution services.
Mr. Lorenzo Ieraci, the Interim Procurement Ombudsman, invites federal suppliers from the National Capital Region to a "Town Hall" style meeting where he will:
  • Provide information on the Office's services to suppliers.
  • Listen to their concerns and experiences in selling goods and services to the Government of Canada.
The meeting will take place on Thursday, October 12, 2017 in Nepean, ON.
Members can click here to learn more.

Federal Green Infrastructure FundingFedGreenFunding
A clean environment and a strong economy go hand-in-hand. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is proposing to advance Canada's efforts to build a clean economy by accelerating the market entry of next generation clean energy infrastructure by investing a portion of its funding into commercial-scale technology demonstrations, deployment, community capacity building and targeted R&D.

Members can view more information in CanSIA's Business Opportunities Listings.

CanSIA Updates    
Policy and Research Update: September EditionSeptember
Each month, CanSIA Members are sent the Policy and Research Update which provides the essential news on all policy and regulatory matters.  CanSIA Members can access this last week's Policy & Research Update as well as past editions through the Members-Only Portal.

Here are some highlights from the latest edition of Policy and Research Update:
To learn more about the benefits of a CanSIA Membership, do not hesitate to contact Lisa Hatina, Business Development and Member Relations Manager, at

Notice of AGM and Board of Directors Nomination Application Process LaunchedAGM
Board of Directors election nominations process of CanSIA officially launched Tuesday, September 12, 2017. CanSIA Members have the opportunity to put his/her name forward for the election to the Board of Directors for 2017-18. Board nominations are due to CanSIA Tuesday, October 10, 2017 by end of day.

The new Board Members will be announced at this year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Members of CanSIA will be held during Solar Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 at 11:00 AM ET.

Members can click here to find out more or to submit a Board Nomination.

Already a CanSIA member? Ensure your company profile information is up to date. Have your account administrator log into the Members-Only Portal and click on the "Organization Profile" tab where you can view, update and save all of your company information.


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