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February | 2021
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Headline News
Where do you stand?
After almost a year of social distancing and isolation we are looking ahead to times that might bring us back together as a community. Early planning for our MHEC member and supplier events include consideration of three that have been MHEC staples:
  • MHEC Golf Tournament and Networking Event 
  • Member Meeting  
  • Expo 
We stand on the cusp of a decision-point and would like your help. Our annual Golf Tournament is scheduled to be held June 4, 2021. This outdoor event will be planned with COVID-19 safety protocols in mind; therefore, we feel comfortable moving forward with it as planned. We have also made the decision to return in November with a virtual event similar to VExpo held in 2020. There remains to be made, decisions concerning our annual Member Meeting. Please take our quick two-question poll to help us determine how to meet the needs of our membership. 

Thank you for your feedback. We look forward to sharing our future plans with you. 

Contract News
MHEC Contract B01: Graduation Regalia, Judicial Robes
Use B01 to Show Significance
Enrobe graduates, choirs, or judges. Signify achievement with diplomas, certificates, or seals. Select the jewelry that will mark the commencement of the next stage of a student’s life.

Times and circumstances of special achievement call for an outward show of significance. Contract B01 can be used to mark these times. Heather Ludden, MHEC Contract Manager for the B01 contract cited, “The new B01 contract has retained previous graduation regalia suppliers with whom members are accustomed to doing business. Added for the first time on a MHEC contract are products and services for electronic credentials, patches, and seals. Some of the printed products on the contract have an option for expedited shipping.

The contract offers these products and services from five notable suppliers: University Cap and Gown-Balfour; Jostens, Inc.; Oak Hall Industries; L P; Paradigm, Inc.; and House of Stole. A new niched supplier, House of Stole, has been added to the contract, providing specialty design service that can customize graduation stoles, enabling graduates to celebrate their diversity in bold and unique ways.

Product Categories:
Certified Electronic Credentials; Certified Electronic Diploma; Chorale/Ceremonial/ Career Robes & Accessories; Diploma Accessories; Direct Mail; Graduation Printing & Specialized Accessories; Graduation Regalia and Regalia Accessories; Licensing Fee; Official Patches; Official Seals; Rental Regalia; Rings and Jewelry.

Learn more:
Members can search information about the contract and its suppliers by visiting and clicking on the search bar feature. Please note you will need to be logged in with your member credentials to access this link. If you have questions regarding your member credentials, contact Heidi Kobara at: or B01 Contract Manager Heather Ludden,, telephone: 413.992.2502. 
Contract Updates
Contract Addenda
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Bid Schedule
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Use E05 To Protect Your Facilities
Considering Security Window Film to Protect Your School Glass?
Use E05: Fire/Security Contract
Protecting schools and campus from active shooter and forced entry continues to be a critical initiative for school leaders, parent groups and administrators whose primary responsibility is to keep children and staff safe while maintaining a comfortable learning environment.

COVID–19 Resources for Members
Your Source For Testing And Remote Learning Resources

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