The new PATH Intl. Instructor Education Guide © is a handbook for novice and experienced therapeutic horsemanship professionals. This comprehensive, 200 page, full-color book created by a team of industry experts is filled cover to cover with important industry considerations. Included are chapters on: the equine partner, tack and equipment, participants, teaching in a therapeutic setting, behavior and emotional regulation, volunteers, entering the ring, considerations for instructors, instructor development and a glossary.

Deliver the safest and most effective equine-assisted activities and therapies! Enjoy a variety of included tools such as those to help conduct a successful participant screening process, teaching methods that encompass pedagogy, behavior management strategies, tactics for participant performance assessment and documentation as well as supporting sample forms for lesson plans, observations and reflections. There’s also a full index making specific content searches fast and easy. 

Enjoy having this beautiful, thoughtfully-sourced and crafted, up-to-date reference material at your fingertips! All EAAT centers, anyone wanting to enter the industry, anyone volunteering or becoming an instructor will want a copy in their physical or digital libraries. Click here for a look at sample pages. It’s available in print and digital download format, and as always, PATH Intl. Members receive a significant discount. Both formats are available through the PATH Intl. online store.

Soft-cover print : $75 member discount price
$95 nonmember price
Electronic download: $60 member discount price
$80 nonmember price