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New Building, Fire and Electrical Code STANDATA have been released by Alberta Municipal Affairs 
14-BCI-012 - Minimum Thickness of Footings
This interpretation provides further clarity on width with a projection beyond a supported element and an alternative way to determine thickness base on the structural analysis of the loads by an engineer.

14-BCI-013 - Determination of Grade
This interpretation provides clarification concerning the requirements for grade to be maintained as it extends away from the exterior wall.

14-BCI-014 - Retaining Walls
This interpretation has been developed to provide guidance as to when requirements of the Alberta Building Code 2014 (ABC 2014) and a building permit apply to a retaining wall.

14-BCI-018 - Elevator Operations and Accessibility
This STANDATA clarifies the application of ABC 2014 for elevators to be operational in buildings in relation to barrier-free path of travel.
14-FCB-002 - Portable Fire Extinguishers
Discusses the requirements for inspection, maintenance, recharging, placement, refurbishing of portable fire extinguishers and the applicable listing and labelling for use in Alberta.
Electrical STANDATA
CEC-30 rev7 - Section 30 - Installation of Lighting Equipment
Reviews rules under section 30 Installation in regards to luminaries on suspended ceilings, circuit connections in retrofit installations, minimum height of luminairies, switches in bathrooms and wall switches.
STANDATA can be found under the appropriate discipline section (i.e. Building, Fire, Gas, Plumbing etc.) of the Codes and Permits section of the Municipal Affairs website at:
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