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Step dimensions in dwelling units

Codes Canada is currently reviewing step dimensions in dwelling units and they want your input.

The survey is scheduled to close December 10, 2018 and members are strongly encouraged to participate.

The requested change for the 2020 National Building Code (NBC) is to reduce the maximum rise to 180 mm (~7”) and increase the minimum run of 280 mm (~11”) for all stairs.
  • The tread dimension for stairs in dwelling units was increased from 235 mm (9.25 in.) in the 2010 NBC to 255 mm (10 in.) in the 2015 NBC. The maximum rise dimension remained at 200 mm (~8 in.) in the 2015 NBC.

  • The Code Change Request now under consideration is calling for a maximum rise of 180 mm (~7 in.) and a minimum rise of 125 mm (~5 in.), along with minimum run (tread) of 280 mm (~ 11 in.) without any maximum.

  • The Code Change Request is also recommending an exception to garage stairs with a maximum rise of 200 mm (~8 in.) and a minimum run of 255 mm (10 in.).
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