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Upcoming STANDATA changes to the under slab insulation requirements for radiant heating systems
Condominium Property Amendment Act regulations survey
Upcoming STANDATA changes
Municipal Affairs has issued a statement regarding under slab insulation requirements when installing radiant heating systems into a concrete basement slab.
  • The requirement for additional insulation below the concrete slab of any new home that has radiant heating installed in the slab has created a practical and financial barrier for the installation of radiant heating.
  • Provincial Building Administrator and Provincial Plumbing/Gas Administrator will develop an urgent STANDATA Interpretation to allow radiant heating to be installed without the insulation requirement.
  • A proposed code change will also be made to the National Building Code.
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Click here for the release by the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating’s Canadian Hydronics Council
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Condominium regulations survey
  • Stage Two of the Condominium Property Amendment Act (CPAA) is underway and focuses on condominium governance.
  • The Government of Alberta is seeking feedback about the draft regulations to improve condominium corporation governance.
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