Fall 2015
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Featured Member
Jennifer Burns
Senior Nutrition Advisor, International Medical Corps

Jen sat down with us to discuss her work in undernutrition, what excites her about her job, and International Medical Corps' current areas of focus.

"International Medical Corps' strength really lies in their vast experience in the humanitarian response sector, but also their growing experience in the development sector, and finding the bridges between emergency and development so we can help communities make that shift from relief to self-reliance."

New Reports, Studies, Guides, and Tools
Food for the Hungry
This six-lesson module focuses on helping mothers recognize hunger, satiety and other cues from their babies and then teaches them how to respond to those cues with love and affection. Responsive breastfeeding and complementary feeding behaviors that encourage cue recognition and response are emphasized. 

Grandmother Project
This qualitative assessment tool can help nutrition/ health program staff to better understand intra-household roles and influences in non-Western cultures as a basis for developing strategies that build on existing roles and decision-making patterns within families and communities.  
Pathfinder International
This technical brief describes and analyzes how Pathfinder uses mHealth for integrated systems strengthening in sexual and reproductive health programs in four countries: Mozambique, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Haiti.

Malaria Consortium
This paper discusses a participatory evaluation on iCCM implementation in South Sudan, Uganda and Zambia. The findings, challenges and lessons learned are presented in 11 key components of iCCM implementation.
Bonnie Kittle
As part of the DBC framework users are asked to describe the behavior change activity that addresses the barriers discovered by the formative research.  Until recently there haven't been any guidelines about what that description should include. These Activity Description guidelines should help designers be more thorough in their descriptions which will help implementers as well. 
Catholic Relief Services
A study was conducted to identify key characteristics related to the success of long-standing health facility networks in low and middle income countries. The information gathered in this study was used to provide this summary of successful practices.
Hesperian Health Wiki
Hesperian's free online HealthWiki has expanded to include two new chapters in Swahili, on water and sanitation, and belly pain, worms and diarrhea diseases. Nearly all of Hesperian's books are available in the HealthWiki for free in English and Spanish, and some chapters of the books in 11 other languages. New content is frequently added.

This inaugural report of the Innovation Countdown 2030 initiative highlights 30 lifesaving innovations with great promise to accelerate progress over the next 15 years. They have potential  to reach the proposed health targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
International Medical Corps
This report discusses experiences with Implementing Care Groups, Cascade Groups and Mother-to-Mother Support Groups (MtMSG) in emergency settings. It also defines emergencies in terms of type, stage, and setting.

Future Generations Master of Arts in Applied Community Change builds the knowledge, skills, and capacity of community leaders working to find solutions to today's most challenging problems. Classes start in January 2017.
Recent Journal Articles
Integrated community case management (iCCM) relies on community health workers (CHWs) managing children with malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoea, and referring children when management is not possible. This study sought to establish the cost per sick child referred to seek care from a higher-level health facility by a CHW and to estimate caregivers' willingness to pay (WTP) for referral.

Recent Blog Posts and Articles
"Hb Meter," a new mobile app field-tested by Africare's Mwanzo Bora Nutrition Program, is the first non-invasive test for anemia, meaning no pricking or bleeding necessary.

 IRH Awarded 'Passages' Social Norms Project by USAID , Institute for Reproductive Health

Featured Social Media Posts
Staying Focused
Are you a trainer?  Meeting facilitator?  Have you ever been frustrated by your participants' constant checking of emails, messages, texts on their smart phones?  Try the determinant "policy" and make a policy that all cell phones have to be 'parked'  during the event - no exceptions.  It works wonders - and even participants appreciate it! Contact Bonnie Kittle at bonnieleekittle@hotmail.com with any questions.
Upcoming Events
January 24 - 29, 2016
Mbour, Senegal
This highly interactive workshop, for French-speakers, will engage participants in learning about GMP's culturally-grounded methodology to promote sustainable change in social norms and behavior.  Attendees will learn how to increase results of community programs by involving elders, specifically grandmothers as change agents; by strengthening communication between generations; and by using communication/ education methods based on dialogue and consensus-building. 
February 8 - 10, 2016
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The inaugural International SBCC Summit 2016 will bring together the global community of social and behavior change communication (SBCC) organizations, professionals and researchers to advance the practice of SBCC in health. It will offer talks from SBCC field practitioners; a market fair of tools, methodologies, programs and research; skills-building workshops; and plenary sessions to consider the way forward in elevating the science and art of SBCC.
April 21 - 22, 2016
Saxapahaw, North Carolina
SwitchPoint focuses on great ideas, tools, and people making a real difference in the world in areas such as humanitarian innovation, global health, and technology. The conference seeks collaboration among unusual parties, bringing together the brightest thinkers and entrepreneurs from multiple industries to innovate and collaborate on solutions to critical issues.  SwitchPoint will challenge you to stretch your boundaries, categories, comfort zones, and contacts.
June 2016
Washington, DC
Cracking the Nut® Health: Global Health System Strengthening and Resilience will address the need for more attention and resources to strengthen community health systems from the ground up. This important participatory learning event will bring together over 300 private and public sector individuals and development professionals to discuss facilitating public and private sector support of health care systems, maximizing cost-effective community health care solutions, and ensuring knowledge sharing and linkages from community levels to global levels.
May 16 - 20, 2016
Portland, OR
Join CORE Group for a week of skill building, networking, and program learning on the theme of "Achieving Health for All through Multi-dimensional Approaches." Registration and a call for abstracts will open on November, 16, 2015, so stay tuned for more information!
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