TBG Members, Dodie and Randy Costales 
Outside the Bowl Super Kitchen in Jalisco, Mexico
God at Work
In May of 2015, we wrote to you about a member led initiative in relation to Outside the Bowl ("OTB").  OTB is dedicated to eliminating physical and spiritual starvation in impoverished communities by building "Super Kitchens," and working with established community partners to serve hot, nutritious meals to those who need them most. 

Barnabas Group ("TBG") members, Dodie and Randy Costales, heard OTB present at a TBG quarterly meeting.  They were moved to action, and decided to visit OTB's Tijuana Super Kitchen.  During their visit, they both heard God's calling to champion a movement within our TBG community to open an OTB Super Kitchen.  

We are excited to bring you the following update provided by Nicole Pearson from OTB:

"TBG members, Dodie and Randy Costales, are amazing examples of how God works through people.  Dodie and Randy donated their time, talent, treasures and connections to launch an OTB Super Kitchen in Jalisco, Mexico.  From finding a location for the kitchen, to connecting us with ministry partners in the area, and
even contributing financially.  They have been there every step of the way! 
Our newest OTB Super Kitchen in Jalisco exists today because God moved 
in the hearts of Dodie and Randy.  The kitchen became operational in 
July, and is currently cooking and distributing 200 meals per day.  Our grand 
opening will take place in mid-August, and we cannot wait to celebrate. 
With God's blessing, and through their continued efforts, we pray that this 
kitchen will be cooking upwards of 2,500 meals per day in the coming months.

Our hope and prayer is that every person who receives our meals is fed both physically and spiritually.  Our role is providing healthy, cost-effective meals to ministries so that they can focus on their role, which is sharing the Gospel message. In this way, we see ourselves as a ministry multiplier.  Thanks to Dodie and Randy, we hope to transform the spiritual landscape of Jalisco, one meal at a time. 
TBG exists to enable our Christian community to impact the world for Christ through a strategic network of like-minded partners.  We thank both Dodie and Randy for being "doers of the Word, and not hearers only."  They are perfect examples of what can be achieved within our network, should we choose to act when God speaks to us.

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First Group of Children to
Receive a Meal from OTB in
     Jalisco, Mexico