June 10, 2020
DHS Releases Guidance Documents on Admissions/Transfer/Discharge

DHS today released three new guidance documents for long-term care facilities related to COVID-19:


Please review these guidance documents carefully.

These guidance documents are the product of several meetings from acute and post-acute care stakeholders, including representatives of the long-term care provider community, hospital systems, public health officials, and other DHS personnel. John Vander Meer, President & CEO of WHCA/WiCAL served on the State Disaster Medical Advisory Committee’s (SDMAC) LTC subcommittee that was involved in developing these documents. While concerns were raised by WHCA/WiCAL about the level of representation that Wisconsin’s LTC provider community had compared to hospitals and health systems, in sharing these documents with the association’s Board of Directors members were generally comfortable with the ways these documents were characterized.
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