August 21, 2018
Nominations open for UMA Board of Directors

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — October 1, 2018, is the deadline to submit nominations for four open seats on the UMA Board of Directors. This year there will be one seat available in Region 1, two seats available in Region 2 and one seat available in Region 3.

For a comprehensive breakdown of states included in each region, please visit the UMA website at . Each year up to two seats in each region may become available as terms of service for existing Directors expire. Candidates nominated for the Board must represent an active UMA-member company in good standing with the association. 
“There is no better way to get the greatest value from your UMA membership than in volunteering and helping to shape the future of our industry through these leadership positions,” UMA President and CEO Stacy Tetschner said.
Written letters of nomination must state the candidate’s name, company affiliation and home-base location. Nomination letters also must be postmarked, emailed or faxed before October 1, 2018.

CONTACT: If you have questions or wish to submit a letter of nomination (for yourself or another UMA member), please contact UMA President & CEO Stacy Tetschner at .
EXPO awards celebrations will honor industry leaders and winners
Awards and honors announced during EXPO are a highlight of the event and you can play a part! Nominate a colleague for a Vision Award, enter your drivers and mechanics in the competitions, put your hat in the ring for the Marketing Award or nominate a colleague!

Unified Carrier Registration Fees
Proposed UCR fees set to be reduced for 2019

In a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking published in the Federal Register today, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) proposes to lower fees for the 2019 registration year by nearly 18% below the 2017 fee level “to ensure that fee revenues do not exceed the statutory maximum, and to account for the excess funds held in the depository.”

Collection of the UCR fees will commence on or around Oct. 1, 2018.

Motor carriers with one or two commercial motor vehicles will pay $63 for 2019 registration and carriers operating three to five commercial motor vehicles will pay $187 for 2019 — $40 less than 2017’s fees.
The agency has proposed to return the fees back to 2018 levels in 2020. 

Regulations require UCR fee adjustments when annual revenues exceed $112 million, the maximum allowed.  

Proposed fees for the 2020 registration year would be reduced by approximately 9.5 percent Created by the Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005 (UCR Act - 49 United States Code (USC) section 14504a), it replaces the former system for registering and collecting fees from the operators of vehicles engaged in interstate travel – the Single State Registration System (SSRS).from the 2017 level.

Created by the Unified Carrier Registration Act of 2005, UCR fees replaced the Single State Registration System (SSRS). UCR applies not only to for-hire motor carriers (as was the case under SSRS) but rather to all operators of Commercial Motor Vehicles. Fees are used by state enforcement agencies for commercial motor vehicle safety. 
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Capitol Matters: Missed opportunities and responsibilities
capitol building
Bus & Motorcoach News | August 15, 2018 | by Ken Presley

One of the more frequent inquiries I receive here at UMA regards public transit likely violating the charter service rule. Unfortunately, too many operators fail to comply with the rule themselves and are therefore foreclosed from pursuing any remedy. In other words, yes, the public transit performed a charter and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

During negotiations, it often becomes abundantly clear that most local public transits see their role of facilitating local groups as part of serving their community along with the opportunity to promote the use of public transit. Few transit managers appreciate that the “free” equipment they utilize, thanks to generous federal, state and local capital grants and tax subsidies that disguise the true cost of every ticket purchased, creates a decidedly unfair advantage for local charter bus companies. Combine these factors with the federal government’s century-old interest in seeing that the public’s transportation needs are served, primarily facilitating commerce and basic needs.

Marketing Minute: Put wine touring on the menu

 Bus & Motorcoach News | by Christian Riddell |August 20, 2018 

While fall means shorter days and fading tan lines, it also presents a palate-pleasing opportunity for filling your dispatch sheets. There’s no better time than autumn for wine-based tourism! Wine tours, tastings and vineyard outings are all on the menu, and with people spending more and more discretionary income on culinary and wine tourism, now is the time to build this part of your business.

For those familiar with this market, you know that crush is a big deal and right around the corner. If you live in a warmer climate, you may already be in the middle of it; for others, it may be a few weeks or even months before harvest and the subsequent crush.

Social media resources ready to use
Social Media Background Concept with Speech Bubbles
Social media is a marketing essential that business owners often fail to use to advantage because it's a challenge to feel like we need to be clever all the time. However, motorcoach operators don't have that worry because the Motorcoach Marketing Council has a comprehensive collection of ready to go social media post ideas, focused on everything from school travel to senior trips.

The Motorcoach Marketing Council's Social Media Libraries are stocked with professional images, relevant messages and enough variety to give your staff the resources and confidence to bring a fresh perspective to your company's social media outreach efforts.
Ten time management hacks to boost productivity every day | by John Rampton | August 18, 2018

For most of us,  time management  and staying productive is a daily struggle. Sometimes that’s not the end of the world. But, if you don’t address this sooner rather than later, the things you were supposed to do today get pushed to tomorrow, then the next day. Eventually, you could end-up several weeks behind.
That’s not good for business or your stress-level. Thankfully, you can prevent that from happening by using these 10 time management and  productivity  tips. Let's start to gain yourself more time.

Save the date! Dec. 5-6
The essential risk management training event of the year takes place December 5-6, 2018 at the National Transportation Safety Board Training Center in Ashburn, VA. UMA's Safety Management Seminar will feature the latest compliance information, presentations by regulators from agencies affecting motorcoach operations, and addressing the pressing safety concerns that will shape operations in the coming months.
2019 Motorcoach EXPO:
The future of the motorcoach industry!
Motorcoach Industry Calendar




  • 5-6 UMA Safety Management Seminar, NTSB Training Center, Ashburn, VA, Hotel TBA - save the date!

  • 4-6 IMG Maintenance and Safety Forum, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • 6-10 UMA Motorcoach EXPO, Fort Lauderdale, FL #UMAEXPO19


MARCH 2019
  • 11 GNJMA Sponsor Appreciation Dinner, Emeril's Chophouse, Sands Casino Resort, Bethlehem, PA
  • 12 GNJMA Spring Association Member Meeting & Motorcoach Professional Awards Luncheon, Sands Casino Resort, Bethlehem, PA

  • 6-9 IMG Strategic Alliance Meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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