FEBRUARY 25, 2020
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Join colleagues to tackle hot topics
Two online events to help your team
Updates & Clarifications on Utilizing the FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse

  • February 27
  • 2:00 p.m. ET
  • UMA Hosts: Board members Bethany Schubert of Trobec's Bus Service and Matt Dance of Champion Coach

Join us for a 30-minute town hall meeting designed to address the latest challenges UMA members are facing in using the clearinghouse. This session will be recorded and available to members as a resource.
Tools & Techniques to Address & Overcome Insurance Rate Hikes Part 1

  • March 5
  • 2:00 p.m. ET
  • UMA Host: UMA Immediate Past Chair Gladys Gillis of the Starline Collection

This is the first in what will be a two-part series. Presenters for this important session will be announced shortly and will include representatives from a variety of top insurance providers serving our industry. Join colleagues to start finding solutions to this pressing industry trend that threatens our industry.
Is your team ready for a crisis?
Expert advice to help you ride out a storm
Shandra Martinez of Bus & Motorcoach News reported on key takeaways from UMA Motorcoach EXPO, which featured cutting edge education and training for operators. In light of a recent fatal crash in southern California, here are two timely examples of ways motorcoach operators can prepare for a crisis, from the Crisis Plan Workshop co-presented by Bob Crescenzo of Lancer Insurance and Michelle Wiltgen of National Interstate Insurance.
Train for a crash .

Do your drivers know what to do if they are in a crash, especially if there are injuries or fatalities?

This is important because a driver's statement becomes a crucial part of the investigation, even if its conflicts with other evidence, says Bob Crescenzo, vice president of safety and loss control at Lancer Insurance Company. He co-led the Crisis Plan Workshop.

A driver shouldn’t admit guilt or apologize, he says: “Drivers should really only say, ‘I'm so and so. I work for such and such company. I can't give you a statement right now because I'm too upset and I need to talk to my company.’”
Have a crisis plan.

Have a crisis plan. You need to be prepared for your worst-case scenario, advises Michelle Wiltgen, assistant vice president at National Interstate Insurance, who co-presented the Crisis Plan Workshop.

She suggests quickly responding to a catastrophic accident or event by revising your website landing page to say your vehicle was involved in a serious incident and your company is working with the authorities. This will alert the public that you are aware of the situation. Also, list phone numbers for specific groups of people impacted to call – such as passengers, employees, or their families – allowing assigned staff to respond in a timely manner. 
Three reasons to attend the 2020 Legislative Fly-In
Click the video invite!
1. This event is an INVESTMENT in your business and in our industry as a whole.  When you educate your Representative or Senator you help them to understand your business concerns as a local employer, service provider, and community stakeholder.
2. YOU are the VIP when you visit your legislators in Washington, DC.  You represent votes, jobs, and economic power. Your Representatives and Senators work for you! Yes, UMA advocates on your behalf, but constituent voices are powerful in the halls of Congress.
3. We all win! An informed Congress can help rein in ill-advised regulations,  craft legislation, and organize priorities that create an environment that promotes a healthy industry in which all motorcoach operators can grow and prosper, creating jobs and providing clean, safe and reliable transportation for Americans.

BONUS:  This is a free event, including transportation to and from the Hill for appointments. Your only cost is the hotel and getting to DC and home again. All your appointments are scheduled for you and you will receive a professional briefing on the issues to put you at ease. Please join us!

Go to www.uma.org/capitol-hill to sign up. It's free to attend!
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The Marketplace is the bus and motorcoach industry's go-to resource when your company is looking to buy or sell used equipment or parts. It's also a reliable and cost-effective way to announce career opportunities and reach operators and industry product and service providers in the U.S. and Canada. Ads appear in Bus & Motorcoach News in print and online.

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Advertisement: New opportunities in Bus & Motorcoach News
Stout's Transportation named UMA Safety Leader of the Year
The story
The acceptance
See more award videos from the 2020 UMA Motorcoach EXPO, and so much more, on UMA's YouTube channel.

Operator guides from UMA

How long do I have to keep my paperwork?

UMA has guides to assist you in your business. Check out our popular topic, "How Long Should You Keep Old Business Records. Read a list of common business records and the recommended length of time you should retain them. Download your copy today.

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Will sales teams shrink in the coming decade?
Shawna Suckow, a specialist in consumer behavior and the keynote speaker at the 2019 Bus & Motorcoach Industry Sales Summit, predicts a drastic contraction of sales jobs in the coming decade thanks to shifts in buyer behavior. In a blog post she shares her reasoning for this expected trend and offers suggestions for ways sales pros can avoid extinction.

Read her blog here and go to the UMA website to learn more about the second annual Sales Summit for industry sales professionals who seek to stay relevant and grow your company brand. The 2020 Summit will take place June 9-11 in Savannah, GA.

Here's some of the feedback from participants in last year's summit:

  • "Overall great experience, there were a lot of great panels and discussions with a diverse group."

  • "I am excited to share this with my Sales Team."

  • "Additional sales staff will definitely attend in the future!!!

  • "It was really beneficial. There were a lot of great ideas and really made us look at how we were treating sales and where we can improve."
Interested in growing your sales? Mark your calendar for June 9-11 to attend the 2020 Bus & Motorcoach Industry Sales Summit to be held in Savannah, GA. Learn more.

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capitol building
Freedom from Government
Competition Act of 2019

Bus & Motorcoach News | February 23, 2020 | by Ken Presley

Washington, D.C.—Fair competition between companies that provide similar goods and services through lower prices and superior products is the cornerstone of the U.S. economy.
Unfortunately, many businesses face unfair competition from an unlikely source: the federal government.
When American consumers need to find a product or service, they turn to an array of businesses that offer solutions. Unfortunately, increasingly more federal agencies are duplicating goods and services that are readily available in the private sector. This serves to unnecessarily increase the size of the federal workforce and directly compete with main street businesses.
Bus and motorcoach companies know all too well the pain of competing with a subsidized entity—public transit, a business that receives generous federal (and often state and local) subsidies.

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