July 17, 2018
FMCSA seeks public comment on under-21 driver pilot program

Washington, DC - FMCSA is seeking public comment on a proposed pilot program that would allow 18-20-year-old, military-trained drivers to drive across state lines. As proposed, the pilot program would not include drivers for passenger and hazardous materials carriers.

FMCSA is seeking comments from the public and motor carrier industry over the next 60 days. In seeking comments, the Agency is asking the public, and industry stakeholders, to weigh in on whether there are specific criteria that should make a driver or carrier ineligible to participate in the proposed pilot program and whether carriers should be required to inform FMCSA of any information in addition to what is already required.

To view the proposal in its entirety, go to the Federal Register.

Homeland Security warns business owners about cyber threats
UMA has been contacted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to share important cyber warnings with private bus operators. The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) has released an alert on business email compromise scams.

This type of scam targets businesses and individuals by using social engineering or computer intrusion to compromise legitimate email accounts and conduct unauthorized fund transfers or obtain personally identifiable information.

NCCIC encourages businesses and individuals to refer to the  IC3 Alert  and the NCCIC Tip on  Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks .
Driver Competition plans shaping up for 2019 event
Drivers interested in competing to be earn the title "Grand Champion" of the 2019 UMA International Driver Competition should start the process now. The criteria to participate is listed online and applications must be submitted by September 21, 2018.

Contact Patricia Marshall with any questions at pmarshall@uma.org or (703) 838-2929.

The competition takes place January 7-8, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, FL during the UMA Motorcoach EXPO. The Grand Champion and two runners up receive cash prizes in addition to honors for their performance in the competition.

US News assesses the state of transportation in the US

US News | by US News staff | July 17, 2018

Millions of Americans travel throughout the country by car, plane and train each day. Yet, the nation's roads and bridges are in disrepair with nowhere near the available money to fix them, and rail travel is uneven and costly.

Ask  transportation  experts, economists and politicians across the spectrum and you'll likely be told the same: American  infrastructure  is in bad shape, and it's costing you. The American Society of Civil Engineers estimates Americans, in total, will lose $3,400 per household, per year, from 2016 to 2025 because of infrastructure shortfalls. So why isn’t the work getting done?

Taming generational tension by valuing individuals
Harvard Business Review | by Liane Davey |July 16, 2018

In a recent post on Harvard Business Review online, Liane Davey says the most important lesson in leading an intergenerational workforce is to see past the stereotypes. Davey stresses that while generational differences are real, we tend to make too much of them. Some of the behaviors or attitudes you might attribute to a generational difference are simply the product of an employee being at a different age and stage of life than you. The 23-year-old employee might act much more like the 63-year-old once she’s worked for 40 years. Read her piece to learn ways to prevent and alleviate generational tension, chiefly through being mindful of everyone's need to feel valued in the workplace.

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Millennials plan more travel in 2018 than Baby Boomers, Xers

July 17, 2018 

Millennials have the travel bug, making them a good target for motorcoach tours—that is, if you can match a tour with their interests. More than any other group, they’re also likely to turn to tour professionals for planning help.

A new survey from iTravelport, a U.K. travel tech company, shows millennials to be the most likely to take a vacation this year. They’re also are most likely to spend more on their upcoming vacations than other age groups.

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Motor Fleet Safety Manual available at member pricing

Now in its second edition, Motor Fleet Safety: Standards and Practices provides guidance on the hows and whys of fleet safety and establishing a framework for cost effective safety. The manual also covers hiring, retention, and training as well as accident investigation and regulations. Members pay only $29.95 for this publication, which is available via download or in print. Non-members can purchase the guide for $49.95.

Authored by highly regarded safety advisor Jack Burkert, this publication is a compilation of lessons learned over a 35-year career in the motorcoach industry.

Go to the UMA store and scroll down to find the Fleet Safety Manual. You can also register for EXPO, make a PAC donation, or purchase an extra member directory in the UMA store. If you need help logging in, or password or user ID info to conduct your transaction, contact UMA staff at (703) 838-2929.
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