Add the UMA member logo to your website, BusRates listing and printed materials to show your professionalism

UMA Members are given the opportunity to use the UMA logo on any of their promotional material. Two formats of the logo are available - one for use with printed material and one for use on your website with web-based products. The logo can be added to your stationary, business cards, and promotional material to proudly display your membership with the United Motorcoach Association.  Get details on the UMA website in the members-only section.

And did you know that UMA members on get special treatment for their profile to make it stand out, and can use the UMA logo on their listing to show their professionalism? It's another way UMA membership helps your business stay on top.

Please contact us at 1.800.424.8262 should you experience any difficulties in downloading the image files. A UMA staff member will be happy to assist you. Similarly, email Julie Ryder at  and you can receive the artwork via email.