JANUARY 28, 2020
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An invitation to make a difference for our industry
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Join colleagues to support motorcoach industry priorities April 28-29 in Washington, DC
UMA is inviting bus and motorcoach industry colleagues to join us on Capitol Hill April 28-29, to advocate for legislative priorities to protect the future of our industry and secure favorable business conditions to foster growth and prosperity.

The Bus & Motorcoach Industry Legislative Fly-In includes a legislative briefing for all participants so you will be prepped to discuss the issues at hand. As well, professional staff will accompany you at your meetings to support your efforts. Please sign up for this free event and make a difference for our industry.

Go to www.uma.org/capitol-hill to sign up.
Big crowds at UMA Motorcoach EXPO celebrate innovation and address industry's future
The 2020 UMA Motorcoach EXPO in Nashville last week attracted more than 1800 attendees for networking, education and the most comprehensive equipment show in our industry. The new Mini Coach Pavilion sponsored by Grech Motors was a hit with operators looking to diversify their fleets and the talk show format of the general sessions created dynamic exchanges about everything from legislative priorities to the future of our industry in a changing economy.

The 2021 UMA Motorcoach EXPO will be in Orlando, March 3-7. Pre-register now through February 15 and secure the absolute lowest operator rate for the top industry show!
EXPO Voices
'Great turnout . . . we are busy'
'New ideas and innovations'
"This EXPO had a great turnout with a good cross-section of people. We interact with a lot of the carriers and insurance companies and provide solutions that help motorcoach operators get better insurance rates. We are busy, getting motor carriers coming by and asking us questions."
John Davis
Transport Safely
"I try never to miss EXPO, but if I can’t make it, I send someone from my company. I like walking the exhibit hall and seeing the new ideas and innovations. I like seeing the limo-style coaches. I’m continuing to make an investment in these executive coaches because they have lower overhead and the inside looks like a limousine."
Mike Toye, CEO,
MTI Limo and Shuttle
College Park, Georgia
New publication debuts at EXPO:
Trendsetters Industry Showcase highlights leading innovators
Bus & Motorcoach News debuted a new, annual four-color publication during UMA Motorcoach EXPO in Nashville last week. The Trendsetters Industry Showcase Annual Preview of Leading Innovators features reporting on ways our industry is changing and being changed and which players are leading the charge.

Discover the top 20 trends our industry is grappling with and read about the overarching factors that will shape the future of your business and the entire industry.

Tort reform group names top ten 'Judicial Hellholes'
by Ken Presley

Insurance rate increases were very much a topic of discussion at the 2020 UMA Motorcoach Expo in Nashville last week. Insurance companies point to the increasing cost of claims and court settlements as a major factor fueling higher premiums.

The American Tort Reform Foundation just released the “ Top Ten Judicial Hellholes ”, accounting for much of the insurance market disruption. The annual report by the tort reform advocacy group these ten are the nation’s worst local courts and states that are abusing the civil justice system.

The report also warns of state courts that did not make the list of the worst this year but may be on track to do so in the near future.

The report states that the Top Ten Judicial Hellholes are “filled with widespread civil lawsuits, legislative loopholes that create more ways for lawyers to sue, and judges who allow junk science into evidence in trials.”

This year’s Top Ten Judicial Hellholes are:
  1. Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas
  2. California
  3. New York City
  4. Louisiana
  5. St. Louis
  6. Georgia
  7. Illinois’s Cook, Madison and St. Clair Counties
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Minnesota Supreme Court and the Twin Cities
  10. New Jersey Legislature
. . . the Top Ten Judicial Hellholes are “filled with widespread civil lawsuits, legislative loopholes that create more ways for lawyers to sue, and judges who allow junk science into evidence in trials.”
Ranking number one on the list is Philadelphia’s Court of Common Pleas, owing to the high number of mass torts cases inundating this court system and the high-dollar judgments and settlements.

Perhaps the largest surprise is Georgia and Oklahoma making the list. In the recent past, both States legislators have worked hard to develop rational policies. 

The report states, “Conditions in Georgia have rapidly deteriorated over the past few years to the point that the state has become a full-blown Judicial Hellhole for the first time. Following the Georgia Supreme Court’s lead, trial courts across the state have issued liability-expanding decisions. Outrageous nuclear verdicts have become the norm.”

Once a national leader in enacting fair and balanced civil justice reform for plaintiffs and defendants, Oklahoma, has evolved as a State where pervasive liability expansion threatens to destabilize the economy.

Tiger Joyce, president of the Foundation states, “Litigation abuse drives up insurance costs and drives away jobs, and the money businesses spend fighting often-frivolous lawsuits takes dollars away from research and development of new consumer products. Our hope is that this report on Judicial Hellholes will be a loud wake-up call for government officials to stop the madness.”

The American Tort Reform Foundation organization advocates for civil justice reforms including limits on the award of noneconomic damages, limits on contingent fees paid to attorneys, class action reforms, and appeal bond reform among others. 
Advertisement: New opportunities in Bus & Motorcoach News
PBS's Jim Lehrer, longtime bus enthusiast, dies at 85
The PBS NewsHour's longtime anchor Jim Lehrer died last week at the age of 85. In addition to being well-known for his enduring role in media, Lehrer had a lesser-known tie to the nation's bus and motorcoach industry.

According to his Wikipedia page, Lehrer's "father was a bus driver who briefly operated a bus company. Lehrer was an avid  bus enthusiast, a hobbyist, and a collector of bus memorabilia, including depot signs, driver caps, and antique toy buses. As a college student in the 1950s, he worked as a  Trailways ticket agent in  Victoria, Texas. He also was a supporter of the  Pacific Bus Museum in  Williams, California, and the  Museum of Bus Transportation in  Hershey, Pennsylvania.”
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3-7 UMA Motorcoach EXPO, Orlando, FL www.motorcoachexpo.com
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