May 15, 2018 - National Infrastructure Week issue
UMA asks operators to get active and support HR2120
for motorcoach safety, regulatory reform and industry growth
It's an opportune time for UMA members to urge their Congressional leaders to support H.R. 2120 during National Infrastructure Week, May 14-21. Infrastructure improvements remain a centerpiece initiative of the Trump administration.

“Typically, policy and legislation that affects the bus and motorcoach industry is incorporated in infrastructure bills,” said Ken Presley, vice president of legislative and regulatory affairs and industry relations/COO. “We anticipate much, if not all, of H.R. 2120 – Buses United for Safety, Regulatory Reform, and Enhanced Growth for the 21st Century Act, will be incorporated in the next infrastructure bill.”

As part of the nation's transportation infrastructure, bus and motorcoach companies connect people to jobs, education, healthcare, and leisure travel. Using UMA's online advocacy platform , operators and their staff just need to click the blue button below, enter your name and address and a letter prepared for you will be sent to your specific members of Congress. Please join us in promoting this critical piece of legislation as our national leaders turn their focus toward infrastructure. Remind our leaders in Washington that HR 2120 is critical to jobs and growth.

DC's Union Station Bus Terminal parking offers convenience
The lack of parking in dense destination cities is a true infrastructure problem drivers and tour planners deal with every day. With Washington, DC being such a popular travel destination, tour bus parking is at a premium, year-round. Drivers are fortunate to be able to avail themselves of parking facilities at Union Station in a covered area with easy access to restroom facilities and a multitude of quick dining options.

The Union Station Bus Terminal is designed to accommodate tour and charter buses. There are 32 bus spaces available daily and parking permits are issued on a first come, first serve basis. Only reservations are guaranteed a parking space.

Rates vary depending upon the time blocks through which the vehicle will be parked. If the vehicle will be parked during multiple time blocks, then the combined rates of those time blocks will be applied. Only parking reservations are sold at a flat rate and allow in and out privileges. All other parking permits expire upon exiting the building (even if there is time left on the permit) and a new permit must be purchased for re-entry. Bus parking may be reserved by sending an email including the requested dates and times to .
Renovated covered bridge near Atlanta keeps having run-ins
SMYRNA, Georgia. — What happens when a restored historic bridge meets GPS technology? Lots of large commercial vehicles end up hitting or getting stuck in the bridge, that's what happens. A recently rebuilt covered bridge in Cobb County, GA, near Atlanta, is becoming a magnet for run ins with large vehicles.

The Concord Covered Bridge was burned down during the Civil War. The Concord Covered Bridge is 7 feet. The bridge is on Concord Road, SW near the East-West Connector. The county has installed an electronic warning sign. The bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Authorities report spending $800,000 to restore the bridge.

Motorcoach operators will recall a similar incident last month near Queens in New York on the Southern State Parkway when a driver, using GPS and on a no CMV road, struck a 7” 10” bridge. Thirty-seven other passengers suffered minor injuries.
Does the U.S. need a 'Department of Infrastructure?'

A recent opinion piece published on focused on the overly broad nature of what we consider infrastructure and how the variety of interest groups involved can ever truly speak with one voice due to a multitude of overlapping concerns and agendas. While hundreds of interest groups can come together to generally support infrastructure in the broadest sense for an event like Infrastructure Week, infrastructure policy and oversight cuts across dozens of agencies and departments. In this article, Ellis Talton and Remington Tonar, who write regularly on trends and challenges affecting infrastructure, take on the big idea of bringing it all under one roof.
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Court rules highway toll revenue can fund New York's canals
April 27, 2018  |  by Bus & Motorcoach News   |  

NEW YORK CITY – A federal appeals court has dismissed a class-action lawsuit challenging the New York State Thruway Authority’s use of highway tolls to fund the state’s canal system.

The tolls in question are charged on the Governor Thomas E. Dewey Thruway system, which runs between New York City, Albany and Buffalo. The Thruway Authority contributes more than $61 million annually, or roughly 10 percent of toll revenue, to maintain the canals, including the Erie Canal, which was once crucial for transporting goods but is now obsolete and mainly a tourist attraction.
CSA scores now include ELD violations
May 14, 2018  |  by Bus & Motorcoach News   |  

WASHINGTON — Violations of the new federal electronic logging device regulations are becoming part of carrier Compliance, Safety, Accountability scores posted on the national Safety Measurement System website.

ELD regulations became effective on December 18, but the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration delayed enforcement until April 1 to allow carriers more time to resolve widespread problems with installation and activation of the devices and software.

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