OCTOBER 23, 2018
Nominate an environmental leader
to be recognized by peers at EXPO

The Environmental Leadership Award, originally introduced at the 2008 UMA Motorcoach EXPO as the Green Highway Award, is sponsored by Motor Coach Industries each year. The award was revised this year to support the next level of effort in environmental leadership. Nominations for this prestigious award are being accepted through November 26.

The award was created to promote the motorcoach and its application as a viable solution to the reduction of carbon emissions and to encourage industry leadership with a positive impact on our environment. The award will be presented to the motorcoach operator who demonstrates the greatest commitment to “environmental leadership” in the areas of internal corporate initiative, external corporate stewardship or community and industry-wide environmental leadership

Nominations must be received by Nov. 26 Please fax completed nomination forms to 703.838.2950 or email Carrington Blake at cblake@uma.org
Ford will try driverless cars in nation's capital
The Verge | by Andrew J. Hawkins | October 22, 2018

Autonomous cars are coming to the nation's capital. Ford announced Monday that it would begin testing its self-driving cards on the streets of Washington, DC, early next year, with a particular emphasis on "equitable deployment."

Ford currently has vehicles on the road in DC gathering mapping data and will begin operating those cars autonomously in the first quarter of 2019. A safety driver and a second engineer will remain in the vehicle at all times, Ford says, but the company plans to remove both when it feels confident enough in its technology. For has also secured a fleet terminal for its autonomous vehicles within the district.

A monumental moment for Ford as the company readies to deploy its driverless vehicles around the nation's capital next year.
EXPO session takes on hiring, retaining drivers
Half of drivers leave within 6 months; Learn why it happens and how to stop it
One of the hottest topics at EXPO is going to be the session on "The Driver Shortage: How to Attract and Maybe Even More Importantly, How to Retain Good Employees." This one-hour session will take place Monday, January 7 at 11:15 a.m.

Driver retention is a topic that weighs heavily on the minds of operators coast to coast. Join author and thought leader Norris Beren for a look at proven methods for hiring and retaining excellent employees to drive your fleet.

Did you know that nearly half of newly hired drivers leave in their first six months of employment? That means solving your driver issues is not just about hiring; it's also about keeping your drivers happy in their work. As a consultant and executive coach for more than1000 motor carriers over 40 years, Beren has succeeded in helping operators to create effective employee retention systems.

Beren is the author of "How to Create an Intelligent Driver Retention System," and will share his proven strategies with operators. This important session is sponsored by National Interstate Insurance.
Norris Beren
Author, Speaker, Thought Leader
RRED, Inc.

Visit the EXPO website at www.motorcoachexpo.com to learn more about EXPO and to register so you can learn how to retain a great workforce.
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The Safety Management Seminar sells out each year and limited seating is still available. Sign up as soon as possible to secure your seat.
UMA announces Safety Seminar speakers and topics
Bus & Motorcoach News | by Bus & Motorcoach News | October 22, 2018

The United Motorcoach Association has announced the preliminary program and schedule for its 15th annual Safety Management Seminar. It will take place December 5-6 at the National Transportation Safety Board Training Center in Ashburn, VA.

The program will run from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 5, and from 8:00 a.m. to noon, Thursday, Dec 5.

The seminar features how-to applications of risk management, combined with important updates from regulatory agencies. The program will empower participants to reduce and eliminate risk wherever possible in their operations and facilities.

Your biggest competitor might be . . . Uncle Sam??
uncle sam very happy he got his fists up
Bus & Motorcoach News | by Ken Presley | October 18, 2018

At one time or another, most bus and motorcoach companies know the pain of going up against a competitor who uses taxpayer dollars to compete against them. After all, there are 6,730 public transit systems in the United States today—more than double the number of private bus and motorcoach companies. Not too long ago, all public transit systems were owned and operated by private companies.

The federal government seems to be in everyone’s business today, from printing to transportation to meeting space. Using taxpayer subsidies, they often attract your best employees, steal business opportunities and stifle economic growth and wealth.

2019 Motorcoach EXPO
The future of the motorcoach industry!

UMA members benefit from free BOC-3 process service

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that all motor carriers operating in interstate commerce must maintain a process agent (also referred to as a resident agent) in every state where the carrier is authorized to do business. UMA offers this service FREE of charge for all members in good standing. If you wish to take advantage of this free service please complete the form on the UMA website and the attached BOC-3 form according to the directions.

Upon completion, you will be filed electronically within 5 business days of receipt and you will receive a list of the process agent in each state. Keep the process agent list and a copy of both forms for your records. Remember that the interstate operating authority issued to you by FMCSA is not valid until you have filed both proof of insurance and a proof of valid process agent services. 

Northwest Motorcoach Association Roadeo Winner will attend UMA International Competition at EXPO

Rick "RJ" Johnson, a driver for MTR Western, took top honors at the Northwest Motorcoach Association Roadeo last week. Ken Presley of UMA was on hand for the competition and congratulated the winner for his performance.

Johnson's victory means he will travel to Fort Lauderdale in January to compete in UMA's International Driver Competition on January 7-8, 2019. For the first time the competition will be livestreamed into the exhibit hall during EXPO.

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  • 5-6 UMA Safety Management Seminar, NTSB Training Center, Ashburn, VA, Hotel TBA - save the date! www.uma.org/safety



MARCH 2019
  • 26 PBA Board Meeting – Wyndham York, York, PA http://pabus.org/
  • 26 PBA Investing in the Motorcoach Industry: Increasing your ROI seminar, Wyndham York, York, PA http://pabus.org/
  • 26 PBA Drivers & Employees of Distinction Awards Program – Wyndham York, York, PA http://pabus.org/
  • 27 PBA Marketplace Group Leader Show, Wyndham York, York, PA

JUNE 2019
  • 18-21 PBA Board Meeting, Resorts Casino, Atlantic City, NJ (Hosted by Atlantic City/MeetAC)
  • 21 PBA Board Meeting, Atlantic City http://pabus.org/

  • 6-9 IMG Strategic Alliance Meeting, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • 14 PBA Safety & Preparedness Workshop, York Springs, PA http://pabus.org/
  • 14-18 NAMO Annual Conference & Marketplace – Springfield, MO  http://www.namo-coaches.org/
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