JANUARY 16, 2018
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Welcome Gladys Gillis, UMA's New Chairman
The UMA Board of Directors met Tuesday, January 10 to elect officers for 2018-2019. Gladys Gillis, President of Starline Luxury Coaches based in Seattle, WA is the new Chairman of the Board, elected to serve a two year term. She is the first woman to hold the top volunteer position.

Also elected to officer positions are: Vice Chairman Jeff Polzien, Red Carpet Charters of Oklahoma City, OK; Treasurer David Moody of Holiday Companies, LLC of Randleman, NC; and Secretary Alan Thrasher of Thrasher Brothers Trailways of Birmingham, AL.

Go to www.uma.org/BOD to see the full listing of board members and officers.
Gladys Gillis,
Chairman, UMA
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Companies should update policies on medical marijuana
January 14, 2018 |  Bus & Motorcoach News  | by Susan Moeser l

ASHBURN, Va. – Medical marijuana is now legal in 28 states plus Washington, D.C., but federal law continues to make marijuana in all forms illegal. Experts warn the conflict between state and federal law could pose big problems for the bus and motorcoach industry and its employment policies.

A recent report found 93 percent of people believe marijuana should be legal with a doctor’s prescription, so new states will be pushing to legalize it every year. “This is really going to be a mess. There’s just no other way I can say it. You’re going to have to look at your policies,” said attorney Jill Nagy during a presentation at last month’s UMA Safety Management Seminar.

What you must know about cyberterrorism insurance

January 14, 2018  |  by Bus & Motorcoach News   |   By Jonathan L. Schwartz and Thomas D. DeMatteo l

It is a scary thought that hackers can now remotely gain control of our vehicles. They have proven capable of disabling a car’s transmission and brakes, taking over its steering wheel and adjusting its cruise control settings.

What we now know is the more technologically sophisticated our vehicles become, especially with increasingly automated functions, the more prone they become to outside interference. From onboard diagnostics to Bluetooth modules to embedded Internet modems to Wi-Fi Internet routers to USB device ports to high-definition radio to near-field communication devices, modern vehicles have myriad vulnerabilities to hackers.

A worthwhile video on "Why You Don't Succeed"
Michael Dominguez, Chief Sales Officer for MGM Resorts International, wowed the crowds at EXPO with his insights and illustrations of what lies ahead in the travel and tourism industry. Below is a video he recommended in a recent Twitter post. Want to follow Michael on Twitter? Find him at https://twitter.com/m_dominguez.
Is life-work balance possible for high achievers?
January 18, 2018 l Inc.com l by Marla Tabaka l

Are you crushing it at work? You'll be surprised by what some are achieving with a totally unconventional approach--and it's getting high-performing CEOs exactly what they want.

Where do you fall on the delicate scales of life-work balance? Satyen Raja offers this leadership advice to assist you in   letting go of struggle and exhaustion  in favor o f freedom, health, and happiness.

Cardinal Buses of Middlebury, IN
Large Fleet Operator Vision Award

Trobec’s Bus Service, Inc.
Small Fleet Operator Vision Award

All Aboard America!
UMA Green Highway Award from MCI

Barac Wimberly, Travel Lovers Tours & Cruises
UMA International Driver Competition Grand Champion

Dave Meyerhofer, Kobussen Trailways
UMA Maintenance Competition Grand Champion

Bob Crescenzo, Lancer Insurance
UMA Safety Leader of the Year

Daisy Charters and Shuttles
BUSRide Motorcoach Operator Achievement Award

Holiday Tours Inc.
METRO Magazine Motorcoach Operator of the Year Award

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