FEBRUARY 11, 2020
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UMA leaders launch powerful spring agenda
Expect EXPO momentum to continue
with Legislative Fly-In and Sales Summit

“Coming off an EXPO where UMA operator attendance was up by 14 percent and the show floor was alive with traffic, the UMA executive committee is pleased that Larry Killingworth has joined as our Interim President & CEO. Larry has the right credentials to guide the staff, having been MCI’s Senior VP for Marketing and Sales, as well as having hands on experience working with motorcoach operators,” said Jeff Polzien.

“Larry brings a keen industry insight and the critical marketing expertise that will build on the momentum UMA achieved at EXPO, and help us to grow our green, safe, and economical transportation alternative.”

Join colleagues to promote
motorcoach industry's
priorities and benefits
UMA is inviting bus and motorcoach industry colleagues to join us on Capitol Hill April 28-29, to advocate for legislative priorities to protect the future of our industry and secure favorable business conditions to foster growth and prosperity.

The Bus & Motorcoach Industry Legislative Fly-In includes a legislative briefing for all participants so you will be prepped to discuss the issues at hand. As well, professional staff will accompany you at your meetings to support your efforts. Please sign up for this free event and make a difference for our industry.

Go to www.uma.org/capitol-hill to sign up. It's free to attend!
Trendsetters Industry Showcase reports on tech trends for 2020
Technology is leading the way into a future of autonomy, but where are we today? Trendsetters reports on the tools, companies challenges and solutions operators will rely on. Here are just a few of the articles featured in Trendsetters. Read them in our convenient flip-book format.

  • Tech tools increasing driver safety
  • OEMs raising the bar on tech service
  • REI engineers solutions for charter-party carrier regulations
Drug test report_ Medical stethoscope with clipboard and black pen
Tech enablers drive
drug testing compliance

Fleet Owner | February 7, 2020 | by Saurabh Kelkar and Hannah Pickering

Across the transportation industry, there are two constants: regulatory change is inevitable, and safety and compliance will also be a top priority.

From the perspective of a fleet owner and operator, there have been a recent safety-related regulatory updates that are causing waves of discussion and response within the industry: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s drug and alcohol Clearinghouse going live in January, and the recent update to the random drug and alcohol testing rate.

While these changes can seem like a hassle to adjust to, it’s worth looking into the potential long-term impacts that they (as well as effective drug and alcohol testing as whole) can have on safety. The most successful way we see this happening is by leveraging the technologies today that offer end-to-end drug and alcohol testing, ranging from planning and scheduling to recording of test results.

These essential creative rules can make the most of your online videos
Adage.com | January 15, 2020 | by David Kellis

Video is omnichannel and omnipresent. It has become the currency for how people consume and exchange information online. With the tremendous growth of social media and the TikTok-ization of our society, online video (OLV) is pervasive --  83 percent of internet users  consumed OLV in 2019. 

Needless to say, it is essential for brands to get OLV right. And it’s not easy, considering how much the rules continue to change, with mobile outpacing desktop and the increase in social media video viewership, making sound-off video a predominant form.

The following are six up-to-date tips for ensuring your OLVs succeed in 2020. Some of these rules can apply to TV and streaming videos as well.
Ohio school bus driver uses CPR to save baby
WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, Ohio ( WCMH ) — A baby who was not breathing was saved, thanks in part to a quick-thinking bus driver.
It happened Friday morning while a Washington Court House school bus driver was on her route.
The driver happened to be pulling up when the baby was not breathing. She also happened to have another driver on the bus with her so getting off to help and leaving the kids was a no-brainer, and, of course, she had to remember her CPR training.
“I did two sets of four compressions and four breaths,” said Katrina Self, a school bus driver with the Washington Court House schools.
Tourism highly vulnerable to panic situations

Eturbo News | February 3, 2020 | by Dr. Peter Tarlow

The travel and tourism industry depends on visitors being able to travel freely from one location to another. When a health crisis occurs, especially one for which currently there is no vaccine, visitors naturally become afraid. In the case of the Coronavirus, not only has the Chinese government now taken action but much of the world has also acted. 
With the first reported death outside of China, once again the world of tourism is facing another health crisis.  The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus to be a worldwide crisis. Governments have prepared quarantine centers and closed borders. Airlines and ships have canceled flights or calls at international ports and medical personnel is scrambling to find new vaccines before the coronavirus spreads and possibly mutates.

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UMA honors tops operators
with 2020 Vision Awards
The UMA Vision Awards give vendors the opportunity to recognize operators for their exemplary work on behalf of the entire industry and allow motorcoach operators the chance to recognize their peers for excellence. At the UMA Leadership Awards and Dinner on January 21 in Nashville, Rustad Tours and Cline Tours each were honored with Vision Awards. There are two categories for nominations large (15 coaches or more) and small (fewer than 15 coaches).

Watch the videos to see the story of why they won and watch our winners' gracious acceptance speeches. Share these with your team who may not have made it to EXPO so they can experience the inspiring stories of the industry they are a part of.

There are so many motivational stories among our operators and these videos are powerful reminders of why our operators are so special. #IamUMA
Rustad Tours: Vision Award (fleets under 15)
The Rustad Tours story
Chuck Rustad's acceptance speech
Cline Tours: Vision Award (fleets 15+)
The Cline Tours story
John McCommon's acceptance speech
See more award videos from the 2020 UMA Motorcoach EXPO, and so much more, on UMA's YouTube channel.
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Chinese manufacturer BYD finds success
in US by embracing local labor standards
Yahoo Finance | February 10, 2020 | by Akiko Fujita

Netflix’s “American Factory” capped its award-winning run Sunday, taking home the  Oscar for Best Documentary . The film, backed by Barack and Michelle Obamas’ studio Higher Ground Productions chronicles the challenges China’s Fuyao Glass Industry Group faces, while expanding in the U.S., over wages, unions, and long work hours. 

The film’s release last fall brought unwanted attention to U.S.-based Chinese manufacturers. But at least one company has taken a different approach to win over some big name clients.

In Lancaster, California,  Warren Buffett-backed  electric vehicle maker BYD has built out the largest electric bus factory in North America. Short for “Build Your Dreams,” BYD has expanded its footprint rapidly, growing from a staff of six in 2013 to a workforce that is nearly 1000 strong today. Unlike Fuyao, which resisted efforts to unionize in Ohio, BYD has embraced its relationship with labor groups, creating nearly 800 union jobs. It has also developed community training programs and actively recruited retired veterans. 

BYD has embraced its relationship with labor groups, creating nearly 800 union jobs. It has also developed community training programs and actively recruited retired veterans. 
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