March 24, 2020
COVID-19 Update
State of Iowa Response

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds continues to issue emergency declarations as part of managing the spread of COVID-19 in the state and continues to recognize the importance of agriculture in her actions. Please note that new emergency declarations are being made frequently and often include updates to previous declarations. AAI will continue to provide updated information as we receive it. 

The most recent items of interest to AAI members are listed below.  

Pesticide Applicator Licensing Renewal deadline has been moved to December 31, 2020. The new renewal date applies to anyone who had an active pesticide applicators license on December 31, 2019.  

CDL License Requirements – Extended Renewal Dates for ANY driver’s license expiring January 16, 2020 or later, the expiration date will not be enforced during this declared disaster. Even if your CDL is expired you can continue to operate validly. CDLs will not be downgraded if the medical certificate expires during the COVID-19 emergency. 

Iowa DOT COVID-19 Resource Site

Property Tax Deferral – Payment of property taxes for businesses and individuals may be deferred without penalty or interest for delayed payment until the emergency proclamation is no longer in effect.  
National Response 

Cyber and Infrastructure Security (CISA) issued guidance last week identifying food and agriculture employees as Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers.  Following the updated guidance from the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a letter from more than 40 national agriculture groups was sent to all 50 governors urging the state leaders to be mindful of supply chain impacts of the response to COVID-19. This letter mirrors the letter sent to President Trump last week.  

The letter asks each governor to incorporate CISA’s guidance to help state and local governments identity and manage the essential workforce within their states.  
Agribusiness Association COVID-19 Info Page 

The website has a COVID-19 info page with links to articles, emails, and newsletters related to the coronavirus pandemic. Visit 

AAI’s Priorities and Continued Efforts 

AAI continues to focus on ways to allow additional pesticide applicators to meet crop production needs as many new or recent hires have not been able to take appropriate tests yet, due to those tests being suspended. We are working with the Department of Agriculture and Secretary Naig on this issue and hope to have a solution soon. 

AAI also is working on solutions for allowing an increase in Restricted CDL licensing opportunities through both the Iowa and Federal Department of Transportation. We are hopeful that Class B CDL’s may be allowed to temporarily transition to help serve the increased needs for agribusinesses. 

AAI continues to work closely with Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, and is communicating as necessary with Governor Reynolds, other Iowa commodity associations, and the national associations that serve our membership to communicate and resolve additional issues. If you have any specific concerns about how the COVID-19 response is affecting your business, that we are not already addressing, please contact anyone on our  AAI staff to share those ideas and concerns. 


Joel Brinkmeyer | CEO
Agribusiness Association of Iowa