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Member Profile: Challenger Breadware
Jim Challenger Baker_ Founder _ President
Jim Challenger - Baker Founder and President
Challenger Breadware is proud to support the Maine Grain Alliance and its efforts to inspire and empower people who are building local grain economies. We're continually adding farmers and millers all over the world to our  Where to Buy Grains & Flourspage on our website. We want to inspire bakers everywhere to bake better and more nutritious bread.
Our flagship product is our Challenger Bread Pan. After years of frustrations with all the baking hacks that bread bakers have used to try and duplicate the superior baking abilities of a professional deck oven, Jim Challenger set out to design the first cast iron pan that was conceived and created by bread bakers for bread bakers. Its functionality and handle placement make dough easy to load and score. The pan's thick, black cast iron delivers the powerful radiant heat that bread needs as it bakes. The cast iron absorbs and retains heat which helps your dough's oven spring and bloom. Capturing and retaining steam is the secret to producing full-volume loaves with crackling crusts, deep, rich colors, and open scores: the lid's tight seal ensures this precious steam doesn't escape. Proudly crafted in the USA, the pan is made to last for generations.  When it's not baking bread, the base makes an ideal skillet for roasting chicken, making grilled cheese, or whipping up a quick bacon and eggs breakfast. The cover can also be turned over and used as a 4-quart Dutch oven for braises and stews.
The Challenger Bread Pan

Our goal is to support both new and experienced bread bakers in their quest to bake the perfect loaf. We are continuing to expand our product line with all the products needed by a home baker. Our long-term goal is to give back to the wonderful worldwide community of bread bakers. We will be continually adding learning resources and videos to help bakers learn to bake bread or to take their bread baking to an all-new level. We've started with a Bread Baker's Glossary and an  Ingredients page with many more resources in the planning phases.
You can follow along with founder Jim Challenger as he bakes daily on Instagram or follow the exploits of Challenger Breadware on Instagram too.

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