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Member Profile: GROMAINE
Mainers care deeply about their land, and especially what grows from it.  GROMAINE provides organic, sustainably grown grains, lettuce, leafy greens, potatoes, and other veggies to select Maine restaurants, specialty grocers, and directly to consumers.  The farm connects consumers to the land by sharing the entire growing process, from seed to leaf and farm to fork.

The concept for GROMAINE 
sprouted in the hearts of two Maine brothers. Born to long farming heritages, Tristan and Jon Noyes were raised to appreciate the soil and all of the friends they made on it.  The  brothers experienced countless acts of generosity, unique cultivation of ideas, and a hearty spirit imbued with a sense that nothing is impossible.  Consequently, at it's root, GROMAINE cares about  kindness, quality, innovation, and tradition .

Spring on the Farm
Spring on the Farm

"When we first began exploring the idea of grain growing on our farm, we benefitted immediately by the work of the Maine Grain Alliance.  The organization has helped us understand how to grow and use grains sustainably. The network that the Maine Grain Alliance has created is filled with incredible people and valuable resources across professions and even industries.  We are proud to support the organization helping to transform the regional grain economy and farmers like us."
Fun Facts About GROMAINE Farm:
  • Fall on the Farm
    Fall on the Farm
    At 46.9 degrees N latitude, our farm is located further north than two thirds of the Canadian population
  • Our plant hardiness zone is 3b, which is the same plant hardiness zone as Nome, Alaska
  • Our farmhouse and barn were built by Swedish pioneers in the 1870s.  The lumber used was cut from our farm, hand hewn, uses wooden pegs.
  • Moose are a common occurrence on our farm.  In fact, they love our veggies!
  • Our farm is said to have some of the tallest fir trees in Aroostook, perfect for our holiday wreaths!

For more, listen to GROMAINE's Maine Idea Podcast: 

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