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Member Profile: O'Maine Studios
Through content creation, event production, and sales channel marketing, O'Maine Studios in Portland Maine is focused on helping Maine's food entrepreneurs access new markets. O'Maine Studios provides the tools for turn-key commercial production from studio facilities and equipment to securing freelance production support at their studio in Portland's Old Port.

"We have been so proud to support the Maine Grain Alliance in its efforts to build community in Maine's food space," said O'Maine founder Rory Strunk. Over the past several years, O'Maine Studios has hosted a variety of MGA workshops in our space. Classes led by MGA experts have included topics like pizza, pie, crackers, and bread scoring." O'Maine Studio's team helped produce "The Art of Bread", a short instructional video shot during the bread scoring workshop. 
Art of Bread
Art of Bread

In just a two weeks, O'Maine Studios will host the fifth annual Chef Summit. Chefs, food and beverage entrepreneurs, and culinary leaders from Maine and across the world come together to ignite new ideas and stimulate industry growth across a series of panels, demos, workshops and tasting events. 

Among the many highlights of this year's summit, is  the Fermentation Session. Mike Wiley, James Beard Award Winning Chef of Eventide. will demonstrate how Koji (a mold culture) can be used to transform local beans and grains into miso, soy sauce, and other delicious products. Then join Simon Frost of 30 Acre Farm as he leads a hands-on demo of kimchi, kvass, sauerkraut, hot sauce, and curtido. Grains from Maine Grains will be featured throughout the workshop. 
Chef Summit - Flavor is King - Jean-Philippe Tees
Chef Summit - Jean-Philippe Tees_

For More Information visit:  https://www.tastemaine.com/chef-summit
Date: January 29- February 1, 2020 
Location: O'Maine Studios, 54 Danforth St., Portland, Maine
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