We're pleased to share the fourth in our series of profiles showcasing our amazing business and nonprofit members.

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Member Profile: The Bankery
Walk into this circa-1864 former bank, and you'll find a charming artisan bakery and custom cake shop where everything is made from scratch with high-quality ingredients, including oats, cornmeal, and flours from fellow MGA member Maine Grains.
Established in 2008, The Bankery has become a must-stop Skowhegan destination featuring hand-crafted desserts such as eclairs, cannolis, cookies, cupcakes, and other confections; breads and breakfast pastries; and daily soups, flatbreads, and quiches. The character of the original bank is on full display, from vaults that have been repurposed into walk-in refrigeration spaces to walls decorated with antique bank memorabilia.
The Bankery -- co-owned by Matt DuBois, Michael Hunt, and Michael DuBois -- is a longtime MGA member.
Photo by Thalassa Raasch,
Maine Community Foundation
"We feel that the Maine Grain Alliance is a crucial part of not only preserving our grain heritage but linking together all the moving parts of the grain economy," Matt DuBois said recently. "MGA provides access to education and resources for our farmers to utilize to grow grains. This, in turn, provides our grist mills with a quality source of grain to mill into nutritious flour, which our bakery uses to produce various treats. MGA has inspired growth in the local grain economy and has encouraged a renaissance of sorts in the long-neglected staple foods market in Maine."
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