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Member Profile: 
The Uproot Pie Company operates two mobile, wood-fired pizza ovens in Mid-coast Maine. We  operate on a seasonal schedule, attending both Rockland and Camden farmers' markets, regular  weekly events at Oyster River Winegrowers (a Maine-grown winery) and The Pour Farm (a
brewery that sources local hops and malt), as well as offering catering services to private and community events. We will be celebrating our tenth season this summer.
The vision for The Uproot has always been to feature what is grown right here in Maine and was
named for this aspiration -- Uprooted vegetables straight from the farmers' soil to the pizza. The  cheese, meat, and produce that tops our pizzas are all sourced from the growers that I share space with at farmers' markets. Maine Grains whole wheat and cornmeal create my signature dough which has become so popular that I often sell out at events and fully book catering events at least a year in advance. I intentionally source local ingredients directly, knowing they not only yield the best end product but more importantly, that this choice allows The Uproot to directly support Maine's local agricultural systems.

I support the work of MGA because it is the greatest resource we have to find and learn about
heritage grains in the state of Maine. It supports the growth of our local agricultural systems in amajor way and educates bakers (home and professional) on how to best use these grains. It is a true gift to the state of Maine and to bakers and chefs everywhere. 

Thank you to the Maine Grain Alliance for all you do. 

With love,


photo credit: Shayne McConnell

photo credit: Wylde Photography

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