Name:  Cassey Cornish
Your position: Medical Library Services is one of my many hats at Cayuga Medical Center. I am also the Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Medical Affairs and Continuing Medical Education Coordinator. My position in Medical Library Services includes maintaining our virtual library for the Medical Staff Members and Cayuga Medical Center. I provide literature, articles and assistance in retrieving requested items from our patrons and support to member libraries.
Educational Background: B.S. in Education Studies; A.A.S in Early Childhood Education
What is most interesting about your position? Every day is different which keeps me engaged and prevents getting stuck in a dull routine. I also work with an amazing group of people in the Medical Staff Office who have help steered my way and our Medical Staff Members are incredible people to work with. I am fortunate to have a supportive and encouraging team backing me.

What has been your biggest professional challenge? Trying to navigate my way through a new career path and put all the pieces together.
What was your background before your current position? I have always been committed to being a life long learner and thought that teaching was my set path. I used to teach Early Childhood and then thought that I would give health care a go! I began my journey at Cayuga Medical Center in the Maternal Child Health Unit working with families, children and newborns. Once I decided I wanted to spread my wings, I landed in the Medical Staff Office.
What would you be doing if you weren't in your current position? I've always wanted to be a cartoonist or some type of artist.
What is the most interesting issue in your field today? Change. NYS Laws, Regulations, Health Care, everything is consistently changing and evolving.
What are you most proud of? My daughter, Gianna.
What other organizations are you involved with? New York State Library Assistants Association, NNLM and MSSNY.
What advice would you give to someone new to the field? Don't be afraid to ask. It's okay to question everything and explore. That's how you learn and gain understanding.
What software/web tools do you use regularly? GotoWebinar, Outlook, Drop Box, Power Point, Excel, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Cactus - I like to use any and all tools that will help me achieve my goals.
Favorite social media platform:   Facebook and Instagram
Favorite blog or website:  I don't really utilize just one blog or website. I do however participate in the facebook community groups! Such as FLX Career Goals and Ithaca Mama.
What do you do to relax?   Spending time with my family and friends. During the work week, the gym is my me time/relaxation space.

What is the most daring thing you've ever done? I became suit qualified and I am active member on the Hazmat team!
What would you like to learn?   Everything!
Is there anything about you that others would be surprised to know?   I have a pet cow.

Thank you Cassey!