Top 10 Reasons to Give to First Unitarian Church

1. Love. "No matter whom you love you are welcome here." More than anything else that's said in this sacred space, these words confirm to me that we Unitarian Universalists are answering the call of love.

2. Unity. We agree to disagree in a civil, respectful manner about politics,
economics, social issues, theology, and the future. Unity comes from our
freedom and acceptance -- and our difference.

3. Challenge. We are challenged to be our best selves, individually and collectively.

4. Change. Fundamental to Unitarian Universalism is that our journey never ends. We can change at any time and do so safely, here.

5. Choice. Most of us did not grown up in this faith.  It's our chosen religion, where we can be our authentic selves.

6. Worship. Sunday morning is important. To speak in unison, to sing and listen and think together, to greet each other, and to collectively embrace our children, gives us strength to go out and live meaningful, productive lives.

7. Service to each other and our community. Together, we find spirit and strength to help in many ways.

8. Inspiration. We come here to be affirmed, nourished, and recharged.

9. Community. First Unitarian Church is not about you or me; it's about "we" and "us."

10. Responsibility. Each of us is responsible for this church, through our care, time, and financial commitments.

Recently, our unison affirmation during worship has focused upon our First Unitarian's values: Love and Compassion, Growth and Discovery, Freedom and Justice, Wonder and Joy. I give generously to preserve and promote them in our lives-and in the lives of others who have not yet found Unitarian Universalism.

Jeff Lott
February 2018 

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February 25th will be Jubilee Sunday, also known as the do-it-all-in-one-day-with-no-muss-or-fuss stewardship plan. We will have a table in the Parish Hall every Sunday in February. Stop by in advance of Jubilee Sunday and pick up the informational materials. Read them and ponder them. Talk with your families about your resources and your commitment to the future of First U. Then come to worship on Jubilee Sunday and we will all pledge together. With your generous support, we will have a bright light to shine on a bright future for First U!