Member Spotlight
Health Centers Provide Communities
with Fresh Food Opportunities
On June 19th, Jefferson Comprehensive Health Services (JCHS), along with partners from the Jefferson Co. Board of Supervisors and community volunteers, distributed more than 150 vegetable boxes. JCHS also held food drives in mid-June. Citizens could drive thru the health center's parking lot to pick up a box. Photo, above and right.

Delta Health Center was a recipient of a Rapid Response Grant from The Women's Foundation of Mississippi. The grant paid for approximately 1,000 bags of fresh produce for the community which were recently distributed. Photo, right.
The Farmacy: Indoor Farmers Market in Smithville opened its doors on June 20th to the community.
Letter from the CEO
Happy New Year to the PCA!

What a year !!!

As we end fiscal year 2020 and begin this new year, I am honored to have the opportunity to take a moment to express gratitude to the CHCAMS Board and staff. 

I don’t think any of us imagined at the beginning of 2020 that we would experience a global pandemic resulting in an economic downturn of epic proportions, or widespread protests across our country against racial injustice following the murder of George Floyd. Nor did we expect after 126 years a Mississippi Governor would sign a bill to change a confederate flag that for many of our citizens is a symbol of hatred. In many ways, this confluence of events represents a symbol of hope in a time plagued with death and despair.

These are challenging times, and I applaud each of you for your personal commitment to the important work we do. In addition to the level of quality services provided by health centers and state leadership by the association, we will continue to play a critical role in the COVID-19 response. I hope that you and your teams, just as we at the PCA have committed to, continue to celebrate small successes that profoundly improve the lives of Mississippians every day.

My hope for the future is that we can build on our successes, learn from our missteps given the need to pivot so quickly, and support each other in preparing for our “new normal.”

We have not received an update yet on the final outcome of the legislative session, but hope you have enjoyed an extended holiday weekend!

“Together We Care” and “Together We Can”!

Janice Sherman, CEO, Community Health Center Association
Update on Congressional Activity
Last week, the U.S. House  introduced the Moving Forward Act  ( H.R. 2 ), a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill which includes funding for health center infrastructure projects totaling $10 billion over the course of the next five years. The bill was expected to pass in the House before the July 4th holiday, but there is not currently any expectation of a vote in the Senate. The House also  passed a bill last Monday  to expand ACA protections. The bill, which passed largely on party lines, is also not expected to be picked up by the Senate. The  House and Senate leaders continue to discuss  the possibility of an additional COVID-19 response bill, it is anticipated that no movement will be made until after the Senate recess at the end of July.

Stand Up and Be Counted - the 2020 Census Count Ongoing Now
Please Remind Everyone to
Take the 2020 Census
COVID-19 Response Updates

All Mississippi CHCs continue with COVID-19 testing at open clinic locations, and some continue to offer testing at locations in the community with drive-thru events.
as of 6-19-2020
Link to flyer.
CHCAMS launches APP

The Community Health Center Association launched its app last week. The app is designed to help users find a health center near them and connects them to the community health centers in Mississippi. The goal of the app is to promote access to primary care at Mississippi Community Health Centers. Promotions that will encourage app downloads will occur on social media. The app is available on Google Play and the App Store at no charge.
Rule: Title 23 Medicaid, Part 102: Non-Financial Requirements, Chapter 1 - 9
Summary: This Administrative Code is being filed to remove all outdated references to families, children and CHIP (FCC) programs to modified adjusted gross income (MAGI); to update all regulatory citations, and to remove all examples. Also, to move Rules 7.10-7.13 to Part 306.

Rule: Title 23: Medicaid, Part 200; General Provider Information, Chapter 1, Rule 1.8: Administrative Reviews for Claims, Chapter 3, Rule 3.3: Beneficiary Retroactive Eligibility.
Summary: This Administrative Code (1) revises the timeframe providers can submit a claim for services rendered during a period of retroactive eligibility, and (2) addresses the timeframe providers must obtain authorization for services rendered during a period of retroactive eligibility. Read the full text here.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved SPA 20-0011 on June 30, 2020. SPA 20-0011 waives cost sharing for all beneficiaries, regardless of the ultimate diagnosis, for testing services and treatments for COVID-19, including vaccines, specialized equipment, and therapies effective March 1, 2020. 

Pursuant to 42 C.F.R. Section 447.205, public notice is hereby given for the submission of a Medicaid State Plan Amendment (SPA) 20-0005 Physician Administered Drugs. The Division of Medicaid, in the Office of the Governor, will submit this proposed SPA to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) effective July 1, 2020, contingent upon approval from CMS, our Transmittal #20-0005.
The public notice can be viewed via this link.
Registration Open
The 33rd annual conference, held online this year, promises to engage and enlighten participants. Sessions on lessons learned and best practices in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic are planned. Visit this link to register or for more info.
National Health Center Week is August 9-15, 2020.
The 2020 theme is Community Health Centers:
Lighting the Way for Healthier Communities Today and in the Future!
Reminder: Register your National Health Center Events here .
CHCAMS Training Opportunity
Tobacco Cessation Workshop
Improving Birth Outcomes in Mississippi, Working Together

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
1 p.m. – 3 p.m. CST

CHCAMS is hosting a tobacco cessation workshop entitled “Improving Birth Outcomes, Working Together” in collaboration with Mississippi State Department of Health Office of Tobacco Control to establish a unified state effort with the Division of Medicaid and the Managed Care Organizations focusing on the reduction of tobacco use among pregnant women.

  • Learn from each other as partners to decrease the use of tobacco and tobacco-related products, especially among pregnant women
  • Review the latest data from the Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program
  • Develop a strategy to reduce duplication and increase collaboration in the provision of tobacco cessation services to pregnant women
  • Discuss the option to have a state unified tobacco cessation program for pregnant women.  
News To Use
Training Opportunity
Thursday, July 9, 2020
noon - 1 p.m. CST
This webinar highlights health centers' response to massive disruptions in health insurance status and health care access due to unemployment and COVID-related factors.
Register here .
Funding Opportunities
Grants with ongoing deadlines can be found here .
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