November, 2023

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Excellence Unveiled

Veseris, which emerged from its roots as a department within Univar Solutions, has risen to become the largest distributor in the structural pest control market across North America. This transformation into an independent company on December 31, 2019, marked a turning point in its history. With a far-reaching presence that spans Canada, the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean, Veseris has solidified its reputation as a trusted partner for pest control and more.

A significant milestone in Veseris's history was its separation from Univar Solutions. The process of transitioning from an intricately integrated department to a standalone company was an immense challenge. The added complexity of navigating this transition during the upheaval of the COVID-19 pandemic only underscores the resilience and dedication of the Veseris team. Despite the colossal changes and challenges they faced, Veseris remained unwavering in their commitment to their customers. Their relentless dedication to delivering excellence was exemplified not only in building a new ERP, launching an advanced e-commerce platform, implementing a modern CRM system, and relocating to new warehouses and facilities but also in their ability to continue operations throughout this transition seamlessly. Not once did they close or shut down, ensuring that their customers received the products and service they rely on without interruption. This remarkable feat underscores the resilience and unwavering focus of the Veseris team in serving their customers.

A Diverse Portfolio

Veseris takes immense pride in its primary focus, the structural pest control market in North America. However, its commitment extends to a wide array of markets, creating a diverse portfolio. From addressing the needs of Turf and Ornamental clients in the USA and Canada to serving Public Health (Vector) requirements in the USA and Mexico, Veseris is a versatile provider. The company also plays a pivotal role in Vegetation Management in Canada, Animal Health in the USA, and Wildlife management in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The Post Harvest market in the USA also benefits from Veseris's expertise. Going beyond product distribution, Veseris offers a comprehensive range of education and training through its ProTraining Programs, ensuring that its customers and industry professionals have the knowledge and skills they need to excel. Veseris provides customers with a versatile omnichannel experience, accommodating their preferences for engagement. Whether a customer prefers face-to-face interactions at one of their ProCenters, telephone communication, or online interactions through the range of digital tools such as PestWeb, their Online store, or the Veseris Inventory Manager, Veseris is equipped to meet their needs.

Veseris's history reflects a legacy of versatility. The company's involvement in the Turf and Ornamental market is deeply ingrained in its operations. Many of Veseris's pest control customers also offer lawn care services, creating a natural synergy that benefits both industries. Regions such as California, Texas, and Florida have been particularly conducive for Veseris to expand its presence in the lawn, landscape, nursery, and ornamental markets. This diversified approach underlines Veseris's commitment to staying agile and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

Veseris ProCenter in Minneapolis

Preferred Choice

Despite the name change, the core team has been together a long time and has formed a strong internal relationship. This family-like atmosphere also extends externally. Veseris is deeply committed to its customers, having helped many of them establish and grow their businesses, even as they transition into new generations. We believe in creating an environment where our team members thrive, our customers succeed, and our suppliers flourish. Veseris is not just a business; it's a community where relationships are valued and success is shared. Veseris is all about being the Preferred Choice -for our Customers, Suppliers and Employees

Veseris ProCenter in Hawaii

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