January, 2024

Primera is proud to feature Gertens

Over a Century Strong

In the early 1900s, Frank Gerten laid the foundation for what would become a century-old legacy with his simple yet powerful motto, "Buy from the Grower." Frank began Gartens as a small truck farm, selling the produce he grew on his beloved land to his local community. Fast forward to 1989, and the third generation of Gertens took the helm as primary owners. Bob Gertens' two sons, Lewis and Glen, along with Bob’s son-in-law, Gino Pitera, continued the family tradition.

In 2005, Gertens embarked on a new chapter by venturing into T&O business. The catalyst for this expansion was the strategic acquisition of a grass seed company. This move not only broadened Gertens' product portfolio but also uncovered significant market potential in various sectors, including lawn care, golf courses, municipalities, sports turf, and school districts. To meet the unique demands of these markets, Gertens hired its first outside sales representative, marking a significant step in its T&O journey.

Today, Gertens Wholesale & Professional Turf Supply stands proud as a family-owned and operated business for over 100 years, boasting a peak season with up to 1000 employees.

A Market Focus Journey Through Seasons

Gertens' journey in the green industry has seen a remarkable evolution from its humble beginnings. While the company's primary market focus has traditionally revolved around growing annuals and nursery stock for end users, a commitment that remains unwavering, Gertens has strategically diversified its portfolio to cater to all facets of the green industry.

A pivotal achievement for Gertens has been the expansion of its product portfolio, marking a significant milestone in the company's growth. This strategic diversification has played a crucial role in maintaining a steady flow of business throughout the year. Gertens has adapted its offerings to align with the changing seasons, selling grass seed and fertilizer during spring and summer, and expanding into Christmas lights, ice melt, Christmas greenery, and year-round birdseed.

The ability to adapt and offer a diverse range of products has been key to Gertens' success, positioning the company as a dynamic force in the green industry. This adaptability ensures not only a year-round presence for its sales team but also reflects Gertens' responsiveness to the dynamic needs of the market. The company's achievement goes beyond mere product expansion; it symbolizes a strategic approach to meeting market demands and solidifies Gertens as a versatile player in the ever-evolving landscape of the green industry.

What is your favorite part about being a Distributor-Owner?

As a distributor owner, one of the advantages we enjoy is having access to a wide range of products from numerous suppliers. This enables us to offer various active ingredients to a diverse customer base.

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