Member to Member Thank You
Steve Kirschner
Broker Representative
Principals Direct Group
Founder & Chief Operating Officer

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Steve extends a Big Thank You to Brad Klatt of Logical Buildings for having a personal zoom conference with him on Monday.

From the meeting, Steve learned that Logical Buildings is primarily focused on high rise buildings in (7) States NY/ NJ/ MA/ CT/ MA/ IL/ TX/ FL/ & CA, because this is where they can produce the largest utility cost savings due to governmental regulations and other economic "climate" factors.

Steve recommended to Brad as a new member in IREON  he should for starters connect with Champion Elevator, Janover, and TheSpectorGroup.

Brad already met with Marc with Steve regarding the development they are working together on in Jersey City, and Brad has already connected with Ken Rick at Janover.  

After the meeting, Steve called Don Gelestino to be sure he connects with Brad to help Champion gain entree to Coop City, and he let him know that Logical Buildings can certainly help Champion in their new office in CT. besides all the other areas they similarly work in. Brad will connect again with Marc Spector for a one on one meeting.    

Brad agreed to meet with Principals Direct Group's strategic partners, Steve Lifton at Cambridge Wilkenson, and with Ed Gordon and Jordan Toder at Preservation Capital Partners.  

Brad recommended Steve to a large real estate portfolio owner who is in serious financial difficulty and would be very interested in extricating himself from his problems.

Brad will continue to introduce owners and developers with whom he has a close relationship to list their property with Principal Direct Group on an "off-market" basis. 

Brad and Steve look forward to helping each other expand their business opportunities, and they agreed to make this one on one zoom conference a regular occurrence every month. 
In fact, Brad came up with the great idea that IREON should conduct a "Make a Friend" campaign as Steve and Brad have begun to do.

This idea will be addressed in tomorrow's meeting.

Steve Kirschner 
Chief Operating Officer / Licensed Real Estate Broker
Income Real Estate Operations Network, LLC
d/b/a Principals Direct Group
Direct: 516-528-2288
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