Member Update | June 17, 2020
Friends, we hope you’re all doing well . After a long 3 months, we’ve made some big strides!

Business in Phase 2

As we have now entered Phase 2 of Washington’s Safe Start plan, we’re slowly beginning to reopen parts of Edgeworks including retail, guiding, private fitness + private instruction.

Climbing in Phase 3

Ultimately though, we know that the biggest question still remains, “when will we re-open for climbing” ? All indoor fitness/gym facilities with greater than a 5:1 specialized instruction ratio must wait until Phase 3.  

When will that be? Having entered Phase 2 on June 5 and allowing a minimum 3 weeks between phases, our earliest possible reopening date could be June 26 . This of course is highly dependent on our ability to maintain a reduced number of COVID cases in Pierce County. For us, this means that our reopening date is still unknown but we’re all feeling more optimistic

Please stay tuned for an official announcement of our Phase 3 reopening date + details.
 880 Sustaining Members | 43 Employees | 1 Community | 3 Months Closed 

We continue to be incredibly thankful + proud of the critical support we've received from our community. 
Our Staff

Our staff have remained our #1 priority and we know they’ve also been a priority to our sustaining members.

Keeping employees paid, staying current on our rent and continuing to pay the bills has been possible, albeit difficult. The collective support of our community , cash reserves, federal PPP COVID funding, and now state/federal unemployment funding have all helped us get where we are today - preparing to rebuild and re-open stronger than before .
As of May 24, we transitioned to state and federal unemployment benefits for many of our staff - including 23 furloughs, 3 lay-offs and other reductions in pay. This decision was not easy or taken lightly. However, we know that our staff are in a better position today to benefit from government safety nets that were not as reliable or available 10-12 weeks ago. We’re grateful to have had the opportunity to help bridge that gap for our employees. 

As we begin to reopen and as the business needs of Edgeworks return, we are hopeful that we will be able to restore all staff to their previous positions. We expect some positions to restart immediately (some are already being brought back to help prep for reopening), and others to resume within the different stages of our reopening .

Your Memberships

Until then, your membership dollars will continue to support payroll for our remaining staff and aid in our reopening as we work to prepare the gym with an all new set of community health guidelines . We continue to be extremely grateful to each and every one of the 880 members who have stuck with us throughout this time. Your support makes our reopening plan possible.

Stay safe + be kind to one another.
We hope to see you soon.

Tod Bloxham
Owner | Founder
Edgeworks Climbing + Fitness
Edgeworks Climbing + Fitness