FPC Member Update
Please add the following to your prayers:

Sandra Walser - surgery this week

Vivian - 10 yr old classmate of the Cary's granddaughter in CT with inoperable brain tumor

Family of the Jet Ski Accident victim

Family of Esther Taylor who passed away yesterday in TX. Condolence cards may be sent to the family at: 7015 Dana Bible Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78240

December Birthdays and Anniversaries
10 – Suzanne Mutzek; Blair West
12 – Brynn Tupper
13 – Ed Dressler; Thomas Jagger Wilson
14 – Haley Dressler
17 – Cole Richard Brantuk
19 – Whitman Adams; Susan Burke;
Allison Lennon; Kimberly McSparran
21 – Redford Adams
22 – Susan Davis; Kenny Lockard;
Fran Westerhoff
24 – Richie King; Joyce Murphy; Kathy Rogers
25 – John Parry Jr.; Kyle Warner
26 –Noelle Capone
27 - Hawke Edson
28 – Jacob Armus; Jessica Burke; Wendy Enstine
30 – Braden & Rachelle Adams; Judith Lattanzio

Tuesdays at 10am in the Church Dining Room

12/10 - Southampton Historical Museum tour with
Laurie Collins
Christmas Caroling on Friday at 5pm.
We will meet at the church then go to several local homes and spread some Holiday cheer. We will be carpooling. We will return to the church and have some fellowship time together in the Rec Room.
"Sandwiches/wraps or something like that."
Everyone is invited to join us. Just let the office know so we can plan enough food. 631-283-1296 or email fpc@fpc1.org.

Menu: Chicken Nuggets and Macaroni & Cheese, cupcakes, cookies, apple cider, water

Crafts included: making Christmas ornament, decorating cookies, making Reindeer food. Making chocolate dipped pretzel rods.

….and of course, Santa will be here to have lunch!

Please RSVP the church office.

Prayer Chain requests for prayers should be directed to Marge Finke at 973-670-2712,
or the church office at
631-283-1296 or via email to fpc@fpc1.org

"Monday Move and Meditate" is back at its new time, 10am
in the Chapel Mondays led by Doreen.
A Christ-centered Contemplative Practice firmly grounded in the guidance: Be Still and Know.
Bring a beach towel or mat (if you cannot get down on the floor, chairs will be available) for complementary movement and relaxation.
Contact her at 631-276-2517 or email: doreeneckert14@gmail.com or visit her website at www.doreencorwitheckert.net
(631) 283 1296 
fax - 631-283-2665
email: fpc@fpc1.org 

Rev. Dr. Charles Cary, Interim Pastor
Shelley Bennett, Admin. Assistant