FPC Member Update
Please add the following to your prayers:

The family & friends of Sandy Anderson

The family & friends of Katherine Tureski

Lois Titus & family in the passing of her mother.
Condolence cards may be sent to Lois at:
1661 Old Country Road #187
Riverhead, NY 11901

The family & friends of Robert Press

Baby Michael Bleck is dong much better, prayers of thanksgiving

Congratulations to Sarah Davis, spreading her wings, and procuring her first apartment in NYC.

February Birthdays & Anniversaries
24 – Karen Gale
25 – Rob Florio
26 – Lois Titus; Jeff Tupper
27 –Caroline Luss
28 –Asa Whitall
29 – Bob Murphy.

March Birthdays & Anniversaries
1 – Steve Ham
2 – Dot Martin
3 – Robin & Richie King; Don Schreiber
4 – Nancy Hawke
5 – Sloane Edson
7 – Gianna Dunkirk
8 – Sue Birdsall; Glenn Halsey Sr.
9 –Jeff Jones; Campbell McGowin;
Mary Ann & Bill Tupper
10 – Peyton Davis; Leigh Franklin;
Debbie & Chuck Guilloz
11 – Kelly D’Angelo
12 – Hank Kraszewski, III
14 – Faye & John Andreasen
15 – Karyn McGowin

Tuesday Winter Bible Study

at 9:30am in the Parlor
“Unshakeable Hope” by Max Lucado
The Journey, Cross and Crucifixion is a journey back through time. It is an opportunity to walk with Christ and become one with Him and the people who walked with Him. and the people who walked with Him. For many who have shared the Journey it is almost as if it were happening now for the first time.

The music, narration, dialogue and poignant silences all add to the power of this prayerful meditation.. To be part of The Journey, Cross, and Crucifixion is to experience the complete and utter frustration devastation of Mary, the frustration of Simon, the loneliness and desolation of John, Pilate's struggle between justice and expediency and the excruciating, pain and degradation Jesus suffered on the way to Calvary and His ultimate death on the Cross.

For the past 24 years, the members of Creative Ministries have been presenting this powerful presentation to churches and schools throughout Long Island, leading people of all ages in a powerful prayerful Lenten experience. The troupes are made up of volunteer actors, singers and musicians who us their gifts to bring the Passion Story to life.

Prayer Chain requests for prayers should be directed to Marge Finke at 973-670-2712,
or the church office at
631-283-1296 or via email to fpc@fpc1.org

"Christ Inspired Meditation" Mondays at 10am
in the Chapel led by Doreen.
A Christ-centered Contemplative Practice firmly grounded in the guidance: Be Still and Know.
Bring a beach towel or mat (if you cannot get down on the floor, chairs will be available) for complementary movement and relaxation.
Contact her at 631-276-2517 or email: doreeneckert14@gmail.com or visit her website at www.doreencorwitheckert.net
(631) 283 1296 
fax - 631-283-2665
email: fpc@fpc1.org 

Rev. Dr. Charles Cary, Interim Pastor
Shelley Bennett, Admin. Assistant