April 2020

Dear Fellow Vermonters,

I hope this email finds you and your family safe and healthy at home.  For those with family or friends stricken by COVID-19 our prayers are with you.  I would also like to recognize our EDGE Team, members, family and all Vermonters that are currently working on the frontlines as doctors, nurses, police, fire and support personnel. Each day these amazing individuals are stepping outside of their homes and away from their families in effort to slow this pandemic and protect us all.

From our humble beginning fifty-one years ago as a small tennis club the EDGE has grown into a dynamic Vermont company offering health & fitness, preschools, physical therapy and preventative care services to thousands of Vermonters. We are proud to be a valuable resource for everyone from our youngest preschooler at eight weeks old to our oldest member well into their ninety’s.

During these unprecedented times we have gathered (virtually) a very talented pool of EDGE Team members including Performance Coaches, Group Exercise Instructors, Registered Dietitians and Health Coaches to develop online content to help keep our members motivated, reduce stress, improve sleep, healthy and connected while at home. We have also teamed up with our partners at LesMills International to deliver amazing access online to 95 workouts in many different formats including yoga, kid’s classes and high energy workouts.

The EDGE would like to share with you a list of these resources that ALL Vermonters can access at no cost whether you are a member or not. There has never been a better a time to set a goal, try a new recipe, learn something new and build a routine.


Please take good care of yourself and those around you,

Mike Feitelberg

(802) 860-EDGE | www.edgevt.com