No Changes for Sport in Today's Announcement
Return to Competition Guidelines now Available

Good afternoon,

In today's Government of NS press conference, reference was made regarding the increase in the number of people permitted at certain social gatherings. Unfortunately, Dr Strang advised that sport gatherings (i.e. events/competitions) was excluded from that increase.

As there was some ambiguity surrounding this announcement, we have sought clarity from our government leaders. It was confirmed that:

ALL SPORT GATHERINGS must maintain the
social gathering maximum of 50 people

In the meantime,we will continue to work with these restrictions and provide guidance to you as you return to hosting and participating in equestrian events/competitions in the coming weeks and months.

Moving forward....
Although we recognize that equestrian sport is one of the few sports that can adhere to social distancing relatively easily, there are many other requirements that organizers, event hosts and ALL participants must consider.
We are pleased to offer you supporting tools to help you ensure that Covid-19 protocols are properly implemented and followed at equestrian venues. We hope they are of value to you.
All equestrian competition and event hosts/organizers must have and implement a Covid-19 Plan that adheres to the Provincial Government's restrictions and requirements.

NSEF staff are happy to assist you with developing your plan. Although you are not legally required to submit your plan, we are requesting that you complete the "Organizer/Host Declaration Form" and submit to NSEF at least 10 days prior to your event. This is required by all hosts/organizers regardless of sanctioning body. Thank you for respecting our role in this capacity.
Thank you for your patience while we work together within the parameters of the NS Health Authority. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with your questions, comments or concerns to