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Thursday, April 23, 2020
Dear GRAR Members,

We hope you are doing well in every way as we all look forward to warmer temperatures that are sure to come - hopefully sooner rather than later.

In today's update:

  • There have been some changes to the NYSAR FAQ's since Monday. The updated questions are included below.

  • NYSAR COVID-19 Disclosure Form - You may have seen the new NYSAR COVID-19 Disclosure Form and/or seen it referenced in the NYSAR FAQ. This form is available for your use. GRAR’s recommendation is that you check with your broker and/or attorney before using this form. GRAR is not taking a position on this form since it has not gone through our normal process of review, comment, and vetting by the REALTOR®/Bar Committee, Monroe County Bar Association, and GRAR Board of Directors. If you have questions on this form, you may also contact the NYSAR Legal Hotline at (518) 436-9727 and speak with Anthony Gatto.

  • SUPRA - Many of you have asked if SUPRA will be giving a discount or waiving re-activation fees during the Coronavirus crisis. We have spoken with SUPRA on behalf of all GRAR keyholders to see if they would be willing to provide relief to the fee or waive the re-activation fee. To this point, they have no plans to do so. One way to ease the burden for those who are still using an Active Key is to consider moving to the eKey. The eKey is less expensive than the Active Key and is billed monthly rather than on a 6-month basis. If you would like more information on how to move to the eKey, please contact our Member Services team at and they will be happy to assist you.

  • The U.S. Senate passed legislation on Tuesday to replenish funding for small business relief programs that are available to REALTORS®. NAR issued this news release to members earlier today which includes "Quick Guidance for REALTORS® on the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) and EIDL(Economic Injury Disaster Loan)".

As always, please reach out to us at with any questions and check your Member Portal for general news items. 
Andy Kachaylo,
GRAR President
Jim Yockel,
Updated NYSAR FAQ's
The following NYSAR FAQ's were updated since the Monday GRAR Update:
Can I go to a vacant or unoccupied home or vacant land to view it or take photographs for a listing? (updated 4/21/20)

Yes, with the knowledge and informed consent of the seller. In the event the property is not vacant/unoccupied upon arrival, the licensee should cease taking photographs/video and leave the property. NYSAR strongly advises against the use of a third-party photographer/videographer as they are not an essential business. Licensees and/or homeowners are able to take the pictures or video.
Can a licensee travel to a property and unlock the door so a consumer may enter the property for an unaccompanied showing? What if the licensee unlocks the door and waits in the driveway or out in the road until the buyer leaves? (added 4/21/20)

No, NYSAR does not recommend that a licensee travel to the property in order to permit access to a member of the public. Any licensee choosing to travel to the property for this purpose is doing so at their own risk.
Are we allowed to list properties and post them as “unaccompanied showings only”? (updated 4/20/20)

NYSAR recommends that licensees should not be involved in coordinating an unaccompanied showing.  If the seller demands that buyer’s be permitted to view the property the licensee should not be involved in the process. If the seller instructs the listing agent to provide their contact information to the buyer, then the listing agent should do so. This should be the only activity the listing agent performs. The listing agent should not be coordinating anything between the seller and buyer except for providing contact information.

The guidance from ESD only applies to businesses and nothing prevents members of the public from having in person contact so long as they maintain recommended health and safety measures. So nothing prevents a seller from permitting a buyer into their home as that is their choice much like they can under a FSBO or limited service listing. Since such activities are permitted among members of the general public, a licensee providing the phone number is not acting contrary to the ESD guidance. The licensee is merely following the direction of their principle under their fiduciary duties. The licensee should advise the seller that all recommended health and safety procedures should be followed.
GRAR will be sending updates every Monday and Thursday until further notice.

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