GRAR Member Update
Friday, June 19, 2020
In today's update:

  • New Housing and Anti-Discrimination Disclosure Form was Amended
  • NYSAR Webinar on In-Person Contact in Phase 2+
  • COVID-19 Disclosure Form
  • Health Screening Questions/Questionnaire
  • Showing Tips During Phase 2+
New Housing and Discrimination Disclosure Form
Starting tomorrow, all New York State licensees are required to use the new Housing and Anti-Discrimination Disclosure Form. The Department of State just amended the form which we first sent to you on May 26. 

The body and substantive text of the form has not changed. The signature lines were changed from "real estate consumer" to "buyer/seller/tenant".

TransactionDesk will be updated with the new version very soon. The previous version of this form can be used, if needed.
There's more information on the requirements that go into effect tomorrow in the May 26 GRAR Member Update ( link ).
NYSAR Webinar on In-Person Contact
NYSAR developed this webinar to help with understanding the requirements and best practices for in-person contact during Phase 2 and until further notice.
COVID-19 Disclosure Form
NYSAR is providing a COVID-19 Disclosure form for members' use. We shared this form in the June 3 GRAR Member Update, but are including it again today because there seems to be confusion around this form versus the Health Screening Questions.

See GRAR's recommendation for both forms below.
Click the form to download the PDF.
The form is also available on the GRAR Portal and TransactionDesk.
Health Screening Questions/Questionnaire
Yesterday, NYSAR sent a Health Screening Questionnaire to all members. As stated in the NYSAR email, this form is not a legal document and is not required to be signed. In fact the DOH guidelines require you to ask the questions of your clients, however, the guidelines do not require the questions or answers to be written . You can verbally ask the questions and receive the answers and it is intended to be done on the day of an in-person showing/meeting.

For Fair Housing purposes, we highly recommend that you are consistent with your process for health screening. In other words, collect the information from all of your clients either verbally or in writing.

More about the new health screening questionnaire from today's NYSAR email:

  • NYSAR has developed a simple health screening questionnaire for members to utilize. It should be noted that use of the screening questionnaire is not mandatory but a seller or a broker with seller’s permission, may require every potential buyer/tenant to complete the questionnaire as a prerequisite to viewing property. NYSAR strongly recommends the screening questionnaire should be done remotely to the greatest extent possible (phone, email, web etc.) so as to avoid potential in-person contact and exposure to COVID-19 in the event the person answers yes to any question. A licensee may read the questions from the questionnaire to the consumer over the phone and fill in the appropriate information and responses (a log book that contains the consumers identity, contact information and responses to the questions would also be permitted).
GRAR’s recommendation for both the COVID-19 form and the Health Screening Questionnaire is that you check with your broker and/or attorney about using them. GRAR is not taking a position on these forms since they have not gone through our normal process of review, comment, and vetting by the REALTOR®/Bar Committee, Monroe County Bar Association, and GRAR Board of Directors.
Here are a few good resources related to Fair Housing, health questionnaires (including verbal vs. written), and offering reasonable accommodations to assist individuals who have or may have COVID-19.
Showing Tips During Phase 2+
Until further notice, the New York State Phase 2 Guidelines for real estate are in effect. Included in the guidelines are the following best practices to follow for in-person showings:

  • There should be one party inside a home at a time, if possible.
  • Remind your buyer of the importance of arriving on time to the showing. Showings are often scheduled in succession with time needed in between for cleaning.
  • The health screening questions should be asked the day of a showing/meeting.
  • Facial coverings should be worn when in close proximity to members of the public or other REALTORS®.
NYSAR's Re-Opening FAQ is a helpful resource to check a regular basis.
We will continue to provide more information as it becomes available. Reach out to us at with any questions and check your Member Portal for general news items. 
Please visit the GRAR Coronavirus page for all updates, other related information, and links to NAR, NYSAR, and the New York State Coronavirus pages.
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