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2019 | Summer
News for and about Corporate Optometrists
- by the AACO: Energeyes Newsletter Committee,
Dr. Dmitry Gutkovich, OD, MBA, Newsletter Chair

It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change. --Charles Darwin
"...it is not where you practice optometry, but how you practice that matters."
President's Message
As I approach the last half of my term as president, I would like to thank the members, board, volunteers, and partners of the association for their continued support.  

Those of us practicing in the unique setting of corporate retail know it is not where you practice optometry, but how you practice that matters. This is why membership and unity in an association of
like-minded individuals are so important.   

In 2018 Energeyes: AACO passed a milestone of 5 years, and we know now more than ever before how essential unity is. The combined action of a group of people, when effective and efficient, is the definition of teamwork.
Dr. Naheed Ahmad, OD
Energeyes: AACO President
Last February, the Energeyes Board of Directors conducted strategic planning and created the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan for the Association. The first thing we considered when formulating our vision and goals was the "voice of the membership." What do you consider to be most important thing in building and unifying our community? How can we better serve as a voice that furthers the public and inter-professional image of corporate optometry? We focus our goals on adding membership value, raising awareness, and advocating for the Corporate Optometry practice as well as forming an inclusive community, one that is well respected in the industry. We believe that the Association is just starting to reach its recognition as THE community of choice for corporate-affiliated optometrists.

As always, your feedback is extremely important to us! Please feel free to contact me at president@energeyesassocation.org, to share your comments ~ Naheed.
Practice Spotlight
Success in Dry Eye
By Dr. Eric Botts, OD, Immediate Past President
in the latest TearLab

Dr. Botts discusses his initial interest in dry eyes, keys to his success as well as his own personal dry eye protocol. 

Sponsorship and AACO - A Win-Win!

Just the right benefit, just the right engagement. We appreciate our 2019 sponsors and look forward to offering important benefits for our members and sponsors next year!
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Top 10 Hilarious ICD-10 Codes

Y93.84 – Injured while sleeping
Y92.253 – Injured at an Opera House
W22.02 – Walked into lamppost
W61.43 – Pecked by a turkey
Z63.1 – Problems in relationship with in-laws
Y92.241 – Injury at library
V97.33 – Sucked into jet engine
X52 – Prolonged stay in a weightless environment
V95.43 – Spacecraft collision injuring occupant
V91.07 – Burn due to water skis on fire
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Send us your pictures! Each newsletter issue features a picture. If you have interesting pictures to share, please send them in. They don't necessarily need to be of an "eye" and explanation is not necessary but they must have a coolness factor. ~Dmitry Gutkovich, OD, MBA