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FRIDAY 27th, MAY 2011

FPS Election Results Are In!

The Tellers Committee has completed its count of the ballots cast for the 2011-12 positions of President-Elect and Vice President, as well as two Regional Board Representatives. The President-Elect, Vice President, and Regional Board Representatives are all members of the FPS Executive Board.

Also on the ballot were the four voting members of the 2012 International Nominating Committee. The International Nominating Committee is comprised of these four members plus two Immediate Past Presidents. The Committee will be responsible for identifying candidates for the 2012-13 Vice President position. Below are the results of this year's election. Congratulations to all of these individuals!

Officers & Regional Representatives:
Patrice Tardif, President-Elect
Timothy Young, Vice President
Steve Zylkowski, Northwest Regional Board Representative
Dalia Abbas, East Central Regional Board Representative

2011 International Nominating Committee:
Robert Rice
Thomas Gorman
James Funck
Anthony DiGasparro

The forthcoming new FPS website will contain information about the members of the full Executive Board to help you get introduced to your new leadership. Stay tuned!

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65th International Convention Just Around Corner!

The 65th International Convention Convention is just around the corner! The Convention will be held June 19-21, 2011 at the DoubleTree Hotel Lloyd Center in Portland, Oregon. The theme for the Convention is sustainable development and role of the forest products industry.

View Convention Program

The 65th International Convention is shaping up to be one of our largest in many years with over 350 attendees from 30 countries, 170 presentations, and 150 scientific posters. More than 40 sponsors, exhibitors, and partners will also join us. Take a look at the Convention highlights, and if you haven't registered yet, join us today.

If you're already registered but you haven't made your hotel reservation, we've extended the special rate room reservation deadline to June 3. Book your room now.

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Adoption of New Vision, Mission, and Strategy for FPS

The Executive Board has unanimously approved a Vision, Mission, and Strategy Statement to carry FPS forward into the future. The statement will be formally presented for consideration to the membership during the International Convention in Portland next month. Following the Convention, FPS Headquarters will conduct an electronic vote on a proposed amendment to the FPS Constitution to reflect the new Vision, Mission, and Strategy. The FPS Board encourages the adoption of this Vision, Mission and Strategy Statement.

The Vision, Mission, and Strategy Statement was developed as a result of a Visioning and Strategic Planning Process that was initiated over a year ago, with input requested from all members and from beyond the membership as well. The process included two professionally facilitated sessions held in Madison, Wisconsin and outreach via personal communication, a visioning website, a LinkedIn discussion forum, emails, and phone calls to get as much input as possible. You can view the new Vision, Mission, and Strategy Statement online. The Executive Board welcomes your feedback on the new direction for FPS!

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Seeking Feedback on Possible New Organizational Names

As part of implementing the new Vision, Mission, and Strategy the Executive Board is also exploring the value of changing the name of the Forest Products Society to better reflect the new directions outlined in the new Vision and Mission. This will help define the Society more clearly and a new name may also help FPS attract new members and engage more effectively with a broad cross-section of partners.

To further discussion on the idea of a possible name change, the Executive Board has identified several names that use more contemporary language to define the Society. The proposed names can be found on the visioning website, and we welcome your feedback! The Executive Board would like to hear the comments from as many FPS members as possible. Are you supportive of changing the name of the organization to better define the Society and be more welcoming to new members? If so, which names or terms resonate with you? Do you have suggestions for other names?

The list of possible new organizational names will also be presented on a poster during the International Convention alongside an "idea box" in which you can drop your own proposed name. Following the International Convention, the Executive Board will review all feedback received and further discuss the idea of a possible change to the name of the organization.

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New Edition of Wood Handbook Now Available for Ordering

The Forest Products Society is pleased to announce the availability of a print edition of the widely referenced publication Wood Handbook: Wood as an Engineering Material. This newly updated edition is the first update of the 21st century and includes new content on wood as an environmentally responsible and sustainable building material, heat-treating and sterilization procedures for wood infected by invasive insect species, and a special color chapter on low-magnification micrographs of cross sections of commercial wood species. The book contains an electronic version of the handbook on CD.

Order your copy now

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Biofiber Conference & Nanotechnology Symposium a Success!

On May 16-17, 2011 the Forest Products Society in collaboration with the USDA Forest Products Laboratory held the 11th International Conference on Wood & Biofiber Plastic Composites. The Conference brought together more than 160 international experts from the scientific, technical, and commercial communities to encourage the exchange and dissemination of information on innovations and future opportunities for these materials. The Conference was followed by a Nanotechnology in Wood Composites Symposium on May 18, 2011 that covered the research on applying nanotechnology to wood-based composites.

FPS Headquarters would like to thank the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, exhibitors, and partners for their support and commitment to the Biofiber Conference and Nanotechnology Symposium.

View Conference & Symposium Program

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