Sicuro Group Chosen by Benaa Al Basra as the Exclusive Operating Partner for Basra’s Oil Operations Centre
August 5, 2018 Sicuro Group chosen by Benaa Al Basra as the exclusive operating partner for Basra’s Oil Operations Centre.
Benaa Al Basra has been endorsed by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office to make Basra’s Oil Operations Centre (OOC) operational. 
The OOC has appointed Sicuro Group, a CMC-licenced, Iraq-experienced tracking, communications and information provider as the exclusive operating partner. This new partnership will ensure the required expertise and resources are applied to the centre in order to deliver timely information, civil and military authority liaison and coordination, incident management and emergency response to all international oil companies operating in Southern Iraq.
The OOC will be operational from mid-August, delivering enhancements to the Basra Operations Command.
About Sicuro:
The Sicuro Group of companies deliver specialist communications, information and procurement solutions to those operating in challenging environments throughout the Middle East, Africa and Eurasia. An ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant company, Sicuro has its HQ and 24/7 ops room in Dubai, in support of its regional offices, including Baghdad. Sicuro’s Iraq branch holds Iraqi CMC (Communications and Media Commission) licencing for its tracking, monitoring and support services. Intelyse, Sicuro’s incident, information and analysis service, has dedicated Iraq analysts and has provided in-depth reporting on Iraq since 2012.
About the OOC:
The Oil Operations Centre (OOC) is the information, incident management and emergency response centre for the Iraqi government’s Basra Operations Command (BaOC). The OOC has been established, collocated and integrated with BaOC at its command HQ in Basra, in support of all international oil companies operating in the south of the country and is managed by highly experienced international staff.
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Basra’s Oil Operations Centre will soon become operational after Benaa Al Basra and Sicuro Group partner

Sicuro Group’s founding partner, Scott Wilcox presents some of the new OOC features to oil and gas security managers, Iraqi Security Forces, Ministry of Defence and media at the OOC headquarters.

Sicuro will support the OOC, in-country and remotely from its 24/7 operations room in Dubai
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