Volume 43 | February 8, 2021
Hoback Electronic Herald

February 8, 2021

Dear Constituents,

Just a short note to let you know that debate on my Private Members’ Legislation, Bill C-234, An Act to amend the Income Tax Act (home security measures) will begin in the House of Commons on Thursday, February 18th at 5:30 p.m. Debate was originally scheduled to begin last week; however, it was postponed as a result of the length of time needed to conduct House of Commons votes virtually via webcam and microphone due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This Bill will help make home security more affordable for Canadians by creating a Home Security Tax Credit. If passed, this non-refundable tax credit would be applied to the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of a security system installed in an individual’s home. This would include any structure that is separate from an individual’s home, such as a garage or barn. The maximum dollar amount eligible for tax credit application is $5,000 per year.

I am proud to mark the first hour of debate on this important piece of legislation that would make a real difference in the lives of Canadians, especially those in rural areas. Like many parts of rural Canada, our constituency continues to suffer from increasing crime rates. It has been made made it very clear that action is expected on this file.

Bill C-234 is the first Private Members Bill to address rural crime that members of the Conservative Party’s Rural Crime Caucus plan to introduce this parliamentary session. As members of the Opposition, Conservative MPs cannot table Bills that require government spending. To do so requires Royal Recommendation - something that is only possessed by the Government. With rural crime plaguing our constituency, I wanted to do something through the ta code to address it.

This legislation is an important step to help all Canadians feel safer in their homes. Time and time again Justin Trudeau has failed to take the issue of rural crime and home security seriously. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to use our strengthened opposition to tackle the issue of rural crime.

During the last Parliament, the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security recognized that crime in rural areas is a growing concern, and that rural crime rates in both Eastern and Western Canada are increasing.

In May 2019, Statistics Canada also reported there were 6,210 Criminal Code violations per 100,000 people nationally in rural areas in 2017. In Saskatchewan, the rate was 13,829 per 100,000 people – over double the national average. In the Prairie provinces in 2017, rates in rural areas were 36% to 42% higher than in urban areas.
Should MPs from all political parties pass my Bill
C-234 when it comes up for a vote in the House of Commons? (YES) (NO)
Let me be crystal clear on this - my Conservative colleagues and I want the government to succeed in getting COVID-19 vaccines to Canadians. Without vaccines, there is no recovery.
Sadly, Canada's daily vaccination rate is the lowest in the G7 – and we have no domestic manufacturing capacity. Now, we’ve learned that there are no confirmed shipments of Moderna vaccines after this week.
This news is not only frustrating for Canadians, but devastating. We cannot secure jobs, we cannot secure our economy, we cannot secure the future until Canadians are vaccinated.
We need the government to succeed in securing vaccines for the sake of all Canadians – but Justin Trudeau is letting us down. Every cancelled delivery of vaccines, every delay of vaccines, means Canada has to wait longer to turn the corner in this pandemic. It’s another day that businesses are forced to stay shuttered and families are forced to be apart.

Justin Trudeau needs to be honest with Canadians on what he's doing to secure the vital tools needed today to fight COVID-19 and secure our future.
Announcing the construction of a plant in Montreal to produce vaccines in 2022 just isn't going to do it.

Canadians deserve better, and the Conservatives will continue to demand clarity and competence from their government each and every day.
Is Justin Trudeau letting Canadians down of vaccine procurement? (YES) (NO)
Last week, I had the pleasure to rise in the House of Commons (virtually) to speak in favour of Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole's motion to appoint a special committee to conduct hearings to examine and review all aspects of the economic relationship between Canada and the United States.

Trade between Canada and the U.S. exceeds $1.5-billion per day, but “Buy American” procurement rules and an absence of government advocacy for North American energy security puts that in jeopardy.
At a time when both our countries need to be focused on getting people back to work and restoring our ways of life post-COVID-19, this committee will get answers for Canadians and fight to secure our future.
Canadians need to get back to work. We need a plan to create jobs in every sector and every region in this country. Canada cannot afford another failure to plan.

You can view the video of my speech by clicking it below:
Free webinar for seniors: Register to learn about benefits and credits!

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) will host a live and interactive webinar for seniors. It will discuss: 

  • the various benefits and credits available to seniors
  • how seniors can continue to receive payments
  • emergency response benefits
  • how to protect yourself against fraud
  • more CRA services

Throughout this webinar, the CRA will be able to answer your questions live. 
If your organization offers services to seniors, you can register for this webinar and are encouraged to share the registration information with your clients. 

English session: Wednesday, February 10, 2021, at 2 pm, Eastern time

French session: Wednesday, February 10, 2021, at 11 am, Eastern time
Duration: About 45 minutes
On January 27th, there was a vote in the House of Commons on my colleague Bob Saroya, MP's Private Member’s Bill C-238, which would raise the mandatory minimum sentence for criminals convicted for knowingly possessing a smuggled firearm.

The Trudeau Liberals, once again propped up by Jagmeet Singh's NDP and the Green Party voted against this Bill and defeated it.

It appears the Liberals, NDP, and Greens are okay with illegally obtained firearms in the hands of criminals and gang members. Sadly, they continue to work to remove legally owned firearms from law-abiding firearms owners.

This is proof that the Liberals and the NDP are not tough on crime. They chose to side with criminals instead of law-abiding Canadians.
Should Liberal, NDP and Green MPs have voted against Bill C-238, which would have raised the mandatory minimum sentence for knowingly possessing a smuggled firearm? (YES) (NO)

Are the Liberals and the NDP soft on crime? (YES) (NO)
First Round of Virtual Meetings with Local Municipalities Successfully Held
Over the past three weeks, my constituency office staff and I have held virtual meetings with municipal representatives throughout our constituency. The onset of COVID-19 made in-person meetings impossible this year. Hence, I wanted to try a virtual format to keep informed of issues affecting municipal governments throughout our riding.

I plan on hosting more such meetings in the future as use of virtual meeting technology becomes more prevalent. Below are a few photos from the Zoom calls.
Town of Carrot River and the
RM of Moose Range
Town and the RM of Kinistino
City of Melfort
Town and the RM of Shellbrook
Town of Nipawin
Town of Tisdale
Villages of Aylsham & Codette and the RM of Nipawin
City of Prince Albert
Village and the RM of St. Louis