Dear Reynolda House Members,

Tropical Depression Florence is still a physical presence in our state, and the storm’s aftermath will weigh heavy on so many of our friends and neighbors for months to come. I reach out today with my sincerest hope that each of you and your loved ones are safe.   

Several of you have inquired about the status of our Members’ Celebration event for Dorothea Lange’s America scheduled for tomorrow. I’m happy to report that all plans are in place, and we look forward to spending time with you Tuesday, September 18, anytime between 3 pm and 7 pm.  

Last week before the storm, I had an opportunity to experience Dorothea Lange’s America . The exhibition is incredibly moving. I know that it will inspire your own thoughts and emotions.  It is fitting that Reynolda’s second century begins with an exhibition that is filled with so much hope for the power of artistic expression, as Dorothea Lange invites us to look beyond ourselves and imagine the strength and resilience of others as they faced difficult times.    

Thank you for your support of Reynolda, especially now. If you haven’t already seen it, the Winston-Salem Journal published a preview of "Dorothea Lange’s America" in the Sunday paper . I hope that it will give you great pride in your museum and the collaborative spirit alive in our city and our state.

See you soon,

Stephan Dragisic
Director of Development