Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Greetings to All,

As we prepare to close out the 2020 year (and hopefully all the unexpected it brought with it), we feel this would be a great time to provide our members with an update regarding Bright’s Creek. 

As you are all aware, after three years of decay and many previous years full of empty promises, Bright’s Creek finally received new life on May 29th. Before closing on the property, we excitedly began to invest significantly into our Club to restore the golf course to its intended beauty. We built a staff led by Edward Waldvogel who prepared to reopen our Club in six short weeks. 

By opening day of July 3rd, we had completed the Billy Bunker project, (greenside bunkers), the fairway bunkers were refreshed, deep coring and sanding were performed on each green. Paul Beam meticulously oversaw the entire process and has continued to improve the course each month!
That same day, Shaula Dinsmore returned as our HR & Members Account Manager, Rich Albright assumed responsibilities for golf operations and Yvonne Edgett as our Chef and Food and Beverage manager. They and their teams were ready to go on day one. They have tirelessly continued working and improving the Club each day!

Despite dealing with COVID and all that it has brought, we held a Club Championship, Member-Guest Tournament, and Member-Member Tournament. Our Food & Beverage team never missed a beat, and we added a key team member with Jessica Justice, coming home to head up Member Services and assuming responsibility for growing our membership. To date, we are proud and we have accomplished so much. However, we are nowhere near where we want to be and what we want to become, so stay tuned! 

As we close 2020, our priorities for next year are already bringing us a lot of excitement, and hope they will for you as well. Our plans are as follows:

1. Condominium Construction: We have retained Providence Construction to complete the condominiums in the 3rd building. They plan to have the project completed by the end of the first quarter. We are thrilled to announce that one unit in that building is currently under contract, with only five units remaining, two being our four bedroom penthouse units.

2. Amenities Plans: We have retained Fullerton Architects from Montana, as we begin to finalize our amenities design and location. We will start construction in the first quarter of this year. This addition will significantly increase the desirability of Bright's Creek, increase membership, as well as to continue to increase property values from where they were last year! These gentlemen are also working with us to develop a Master Plan for Bright's Creek, which will bring more information at a later date.

3. Remodeling Of Members' Grill: We have been finalizing plans to update both the dining area and Members lounge. Our goal is to have this completed by the second quarter of next year. 

4. Membership Drive: The lifeblood of any club is its membership and we thank each of you for your support! We will be implementing an aggressive Marketing Plan to grow our Real Estate and Membership in 2021.

5. Golf Course: Without a doubt, the golf course will continue to improve, and we will address the fly and gnat issues next spring so that summer conditions are significantly improved! We also hope to see a few more holes in one in 2021!

In Closing, as you begin to plan out your yearly activities, we hope you will keep Bright's Creek in mind. Early in 2021, we will be releasing our Club Calendar for this year's events. We hope to fill 2021 with events that bring a lifetime of memories at Bright’s Creek.  Remember, you can also learn "what's happening" at the Club through our website or app. 

We thank each and every one of you for your support of Bright's Creek. We love this beautiful and unique property! We are excited for the journey that lies ahead and will continue to look for ways to improve our Club continually.

Happy Holidays to you and your families, and please continue to be safe!
Mark, Frank, Eddie, Edward, And Jessica