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August Newsletter 2017

Diamond Chapter Mini-Road Run
Dear ,

August and September are busy months starting with Sturgis. If you are heading to the Black Hills, make sure to take a look at some of the Sturgis gatherings through our Black Hills Chapter.

If you are looking for a new AMCA Chapter in your area? If you don't see on one on the AMCA Chapter Map, make sure to click on the "Read More" link below to see a list of all the new areas of the country in the process of starting a chapter.

We've listed the forming chapter's contact information. Let them know you are interested in being a member of their chapter and get involved.

AMCA at Sturgis

Cycle Source Magazine has scheduled special demonstrations on their Grease & Gears Garage stage for that day. AMCA Members, Mik e "Kiwi" Tomas will be teaching the workings of a Linkert Carb and Billy Lane will be working on a the Sons of Speed Chassis. 

Buckeye Chapter
Yellow Jacket Bike Show   

Saturday, August 5th.
Click on Buckeye logo for details   

SoCal Chapter  

26th Annual
Tour of the Santa Monica Mountains   

Saturday, August 5th.
Click on SoCal logo for details   

Badger Heritage Chapter
Summer Picnic  
Saturday, August 19th 

Click on Badger logo for details   
Special Announcement:   Panhead Reunion!  
AMCA is working with the Harley-Davidson Museum to promote the 70th Anniversary of the Panhead. As one of the museum's "Not-to-be-missed EVENTS" the Panhead Reunion will be the focal highlight of the annual Wild Ones: Vintage Motorcycle Rally.

Wild Ones will be Saturday, July 14th, 2018 at the Harley-Davidson Museum® in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Scheduled events will include an
antique motorcycle ride-in show and the AMCA Badger Heritage Chapter hosts authentic motorcycle field games like the slow race and plank ride. Also see live musi cal and motorcycle exhibition entertainment. Be sure to check out the Museum as well.

The special day will include scheduled events from 9 a.m.-8 p.m.
Harley-Davidson will also be celebrating their 111th Anniversary. The goal is to get as many Panheads as possible to the event, who knows many 2,000 of them.

Beginning on Sunday, July 15th, AMCA local chapters will conduct a five-day ride and journey to the Wauseon National for the following weekend. The Wauseon National will also feature the Panhead as their featured bike.

The five-day ride and journey will be a tour across Lake Michigan via ferry and the scenic highlights of Michigan prior to arriving in Wauseon, Ohio. Details of the trip will be announced soon. Look for details in the AMCA Newsletters throughout the next year.

Did you know that you can keep up with Chapter Events by going to the AMCA Website and clicking on "Chapters" then "Chapter Events" to see what's going on in your area?

If your Chapter is planning an event for the Summer and you want listed, please send the event poster or flyer to AMCA Executive Director

Read More  TopBlue 


The Art of the Hunt, Part 4
by Keith Kizer

The story below is a continuation of a story that started last year as an attempt to build a 40's era Indian Chief completely from parts purchased at AMCA meets. The adjusted goal was to build a motorcycle spending less than $25,000 in a 3-5 year timeframe. Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 can be found via the previous links.

As the pivoting turn of the story begins, the 1941 Indian Chief was on a semi leaving it's snow covered New England home heading for sunny days in Alabama. Legendary, yet very modest, Jerry Greer has a plane ticket in hand and the next stage in Doug Currie's nine-year restoration is about to unfold.
Sweet Home Alabama

Other than gather tools and parts, the '41 has set frozen in time on my bike lift awaiting a plan. Assuming Jerry would hop off the plan and want an update tour of his former Alabama home, I could not be more wrong. He landed at 9:30pm and wanted to go straight to the house, look at the bike and get a plan of attack going. That plan would soon turn into a disassembly session that ended at 1:30am the next morning only because this young whipper snapper needed to get some sleep.


If you would like to contribute to the Restoration Tips section, please contact AMCA Executive Director, Keith Kizer. 

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Save our Rights to Ride 
By Red Fred Johansen 

FIVA, and the Three Ps.

Perhaps most of the US membership may not be aware of FIVA, and it's significance?  FIVA, "Federation Internationale Vehicules Anciens" which translates to the International Federation of Ancient Vehicles, is a huge international body that was formed in 1966, and now extends to 62 countries, with over 1.5 million enthusiasts.   The North American branch of FIVA is the HVA, or Historic Vehicle Association .
FIVA has been instrumental in protecting the use of our beloved machines. Many parts of the World implement strict bans on the ownership and use of vintage vehicles. Here in the U.S. we don't realize how lucky we really are; but for how much longer?
Utilizing the Three P's method, FIVA act accordingly; the 1st P is Protecting. They do this be closely monitoring political legislation and acts that effect the use of our machinery, be them cars, boats, or motorcycles. We can consider them somewhat like the AMA we have here in America on this level. It's a tough, up-hill battle, all the time.
The 2nd P is Preserving. They do this via 3 commissions; the Cultural, Technical, and the Trade, Skills, and Youth. The Cultural Commission defines our machinery as a form of culture. It is very difficult for a governing body to try and change a culture. The Technical Commission defines the machines, and makes sure they are what they say they are. This is where the AMCA comes in. By our Judging standards, and criteria, we could be called in to verify that a machine is indeed what it is claimed to be. We would be a sanctioning body to judge say a '36 Knucklehead. If it passed our strict judging program, it would be eligible for a FIVA Certification. However, if it had a shovel head engine in it, or swing arm rear suspension grafted on, it not would not make the grade.
The Trade, Skills, and Youth commission try to spread the interest and support of our culture. They help get youth involved, and help support businesses that contribute to our needs.
The 3rd P is Promoting. Again, three different Commissions are utilized for this facet. Events, Motorcycles, and Utilitarian.   This boils down to recognizing various events that support, and signify our culture. FIVA has a very strong presence at all the World Class Concours events globally. They are ever expanding in the Motorcycle World as well. The Utilitarian Commission is mainly for vintage trucks & transport, including military vehicles. In some countries, it is impossible to own a vintage military vehicle!
At this year's AMCA National Meet in Dixon, CA (the only National Meet West of the Rocky's), I was honored to explain the significance of FIVA during our Banquet. As it turns out, FIVA actually approached us by making the Dixon Meet one of their major events on their calendar! They actually chose us!  We received a large box of badges, and flyers for all the entrants there, and then some.
During the presentation, I was able to point out that in many countries, vintage vehicle use, or registration, or sometimes even insurance is not possible with out a certificate from FIVA. FIVA monitors the pulse of our culture, and combats the various governing bodies that can be road blocks to us. Vintage vehicles are already banned in major Cities like Paris. Vintage commercial trucks that run on Diesel are banned here in CA, unless they are retro fitted with an expensive, modern exhaust system. The editors of some major vintage car clubs are already calling out on how to convert their cars to electric propulsion!   
It could take just one swipe of a pen by some well-meaning politician to ban any vehicle over 5 years old.   Think of it! This would hugely jump start our economy by mandating we all need to buy a new vehicle every 5 years. Detroit would be our leader of industry again! This ban would also please all the nature loving greenies by getting all of our noisy, pollution spewing heaps off of the road!
Can't happen here in the good ol' USA you say? I hope you are right. But in the meantime, let us embrace FIVA, and our local HVA, and be strong in numbers. The best way to combat any legislation against us, is  to be unified, and prepared.
The HVA in the U.S. is utilizing the three P's also with its National Historic Vehicle Register program that recognizes, celebrates and preserves the rich history of our nation's motoring culture. Through a partnership with the U.S. Dept. of the Interior's Heritage Documentation Programs the HVA has recorded 19 vehicles in the archives of the Library of Congress as American heritage, ensuring that the legacy of the motor vehicle will live on in perpetuity.

I kinda like our culture, and appreciate what FIVA, and it's 3 Ps are doing for us.

AMCA is an HVA partner. Click on the HVA link to sign up for the free HVA Newsletter.

2017 National Road Runs


September 11-13
Fort Sutter Chapter Road Natio nal Road Run
Lake Tahoe, California  


September 20-23
Smoky Mountain Chapter  National Road Run
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Sold Out  

  Read More  


"Post Card, Sorry, Another Update"

Without going into a full explanation of how and why members are receiving the verification post cards and/or emails, I'll refer those who know nothing about it to the original letter now posted on our website.

AMCA staff has worked with Publishing Concept staff to reword both post cards and emails to remove any confusion.

AMCA wants to make it perfectly clear that the need for members to call PCI is to expand AMCA's data information including chapter information that has never been recorded. 

Obtaining this information and verifying other data such as email and phone numbers is impossible without having a private company with the proper staff to assist AMCA in this task.

It takes well over one hundred operators to receive phone calls from thousands of possible calls. This campaign is being done in several waives as to not overwhelm operators. 

If you follow our facebook page or the forums you may have seen several complaints about either just receiving the post cards or how they were treated by PCI operators.  This is wear I warn members as to the tactics of PCI operators. Yes, AMCA's original intent for the campaign was to update our database and at the same time offer a membership directory at no cost to the club.  

This section is normally as a feature section for AMCA member motorcycles. If you would like to have your bike featured, please submit up to four photos and information about your bike and yourself to AMCA Executive Director, Keith Kizer. 
Want more information? Visit our website for more Chapter information or check out the Forum to see the latest discussions on topics that are pinpointed to your interest.
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Stories Continued from Above

Find a Chapter (Continued) 

In our ongoing effort to ad dots to the map, here is a list of Chapters trying to form.

South Alabama                 Contact Charles Barber     Sandy Hills Chapter
North Arkansas                 Contact Chris Gibbany
Tucson, Arizona                 Contact Cliff Steimle
Bakersfield, California     Contact Chuck Bent
Fresno, California              Contact Keith Kizer
Northeast Canada            Contact Mike Podger
Indianapolis, Indiana       Contact Keith Kizer 
Savannah, Georgia           Contact Dave Ervin          Low Country Chapter
Toledo, Ohio                        Contact Keith Kizer 
Spokan, Washington        Contact Bob Morrill

MoreBlue Local Chapter Events (Continued)

Local Chapters are the ones who bring camaraderie to enjoying the sport you love. If you are not a member of your local chapter, please look them up and visit their next meeting or event. You can find them in the block above by clicking on the Chapter Link which takes you to the map. Click on the state of choice then on one or more of the bubbles in that state. Once you click on the bubble, scroll down to the information for that club. Most have a website link, but if not, click the email link and ask for details of their Chapter.

For those who dedicate their time as Chapter officers, directors or volunteers please send me your Chapter Events so I can include it in the next newsletter.

We will include your local events with links back to the "Chapter Event" pages of the main AMCA website. If you have Chapter logos, Upcoming Event logos, artwork, or photos, please include those too. We are here to help you promote your events to other members.

RestorationRestoration Tip (Continued)  

Santa sled

The next morning with only a few hours sleep we were back at it as if the green flag was going to drop that night and we had to get this baby race ready. The first nights reconnaissance made Jerry feel the engine was the least of our worries because there were obvious issues with both the front and rear of the bike. Other than the engine, everything came off the bike; fenders, wheels, tanks, headlight, horn, exhaust, etc. The plan would be to build the bike from the frame up assuming nothing was correct.
First things first_ strip everything off and start over

The previous owner, Doug Currie did warn me to trust nothing. He said, "It's all there, but he could not promise it was assembled correctly or that everything was the right part or in the right place. He was right. There was not a single bolt on the motorcycle tight, except for the engine nuts and bolts. Hey, but it was a bike in progress so no problem.

Disassembly of the rear wheel found the brake drum to be unusable without re-machining. A common problem with Indians of the time. Missing factory spec spacers and an incorrect axle were causing a misalignment. The front forks were bent and out of tolerance by 5/8-inch. This meant the task of the days ahead of us were to get the bike running and abandon the thought of putting it on the road. With the first full day complete the wheels were back on and the bike and sitting on the ground.
Jerry went through a series of test to verify that the electrical components were functioning and drew up a wiring diagram to work from. After wiring the bike, we set off to the hardware
The Santa sled came with its head elf
store and auto parts to gather enough supplies for Mr. Greer to "Jerry Rig" the fuel lines. Sure I could have purchased re-pop OEM style fuel lines but that was not on my shopping list, so its old fashion plumbing supplies for this baby.

After Mr. Greer custom bent some brass fuel lines complete with an auto parts inline fuel filter the initial test resulted in not enough fuel reaching the float bowl, but then Jerry predicted that. Along with clear fuel lines the goal was to be able to see the fuel flow of fuel and the clear lines did their job showing that was not happening. So on went the bright red Briggs & Stratton fuel filter from the lawnmower department at the box store. That didn't work much better. We went with no fuel filter for now. Now we have fuel! 
With all the oil lines, fuel lines, and electrical system tested and prepped, it was time to light the candle. Jerry also had me run a rubber fuel line hose from the oil return inside the tank into a bucket on the ground. Because this engine has never been ran he likes to break the engine in by running only new oil into the engine and purge the old oil until it runs clear; genius!

With fans in place it was the moment of truth. Jerry climbs aboard and runs through the unbelievably numerous steps before kicking it over. It reminded me of my days in the 80's of a pre-flight checklist before starting an airplane engine. Yet he does it so effortless and quickly that you don't realize there are actually 16 steps and 28 movements in the process. It's like watching a Road Runner cartoon. You have to play the video in slow motion to see all the Coyote's movements.

You cannot hear it but it is LOUD
With one swift kick the '41 roared to life. The sound reminded me of standing next to Jim McClure as he would bring his Top Fuel Harley to life back in the 90's. With a quick look in the bucket, the oil return line is pumping out jet black oil infused with ring dust as if we just lit a locomotive. The image of Dr. Frankenstein came to my mind, "It's alive, it's ALIVE!"

With the work of the master complete, it was time to turn the rest of the work over to the Indian apprentice. Okay, the monsters alive but her legs are broken. Parts are now on order and next time, I will unveil the next stage for completing Doug Currie's dream.
Tune in next time for the quest to get this baby on the ground. Until then; happy hunting.

Outtake: Jerry being the wiseguy he is wanted to install a one-candle watt power headline. 

On a side note, if you recall from October of 2016 this story's Part 2 included this possible purchase that I just
Toast on a crate_ July 2016
missed at Wauseon last year. I wasn't crying over missing out because I assumed all the sheet metal was junk and there were too many unknowns.

Well, as it turns out, the guy who
did buy it was much more a visionary than I. AMCA member Ted Borman purchased the bike and s aved almost everything and brought the sheet metal, less tanks, back to life.  

Ted, said the engine actually was fine, but since he had it apart, the machinist by trade, could not resist beefing the engine up while in there. Amazingly, in one years time, he had the bike on the road and back at Wauseon to show it off. He even went back to the swapmeet vendor he purchased it from and gave him a big hug.
A true picture of a basket case

What makes this story really special is that Ted is a young guy. Our sport's future is safe with guys like Ted on the field.
One-Year Restoration by Ted Borman
 Because Ted is a machinist and not only rebuilt the engine himself, he straighten the frame, rebuilt the shocks and forks and did the paint, he only has a total of $11,000 in this bike, including the $6,500 he paid for the basket case.

At 39-years old, Ted does a fresh restoration for Wauseon each year. Last year he did a 1919 J with Chicago race motor, the year before a 1929 JD and the year before a 1930VL. He is  big on doing the motors himself with balancing / 3 angle valve jobs porting etc- He said, "There is nothing like riding a really old bike on a Chicago poker run and it has the I-PASS on the handlebars.

Without me even finishing this story, Ted just did in one year, what I had envisioned doing in five. He is my new hero and truly embodies the spirit of "The Art of the Hunt."  

If you would like to contribute to the Restoration Tips section, please contact AMCA Executive Director, Keith Kizer.

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NationalNewsNational News (Continued) 
2017 AMCA National Meets 

February 24-25 
Fremont, NE    Omaha Chapter

March 10-11
New Smyrna Beach, FL    Sunshine Chapter
April 28-29
Oley, PA    Perkiomen Chapter Meet
May 19-21
Denton, NC     Southern Nationals Meet  
May 19-20
Raalte, Netherlands    European Chapter  
June 16-17
St. Paul, MN    Viking Chapter
June 16-17
Dixon, CA    Fort Sutter Chapter  
June 30 - July 1
Rhinebeck, NY   Rhinebeck National Meet  
July 21-23
Wauseon, OH    Wauseon National Meet  
August 4-5
Hebron, CT   Yankee Chapter
August 25-26
Sydney, AUSTRALIA   Australia Chapter
BULLI Show Grounds
September 2-3 
Rimini, Italy   Motociclette Americane Chapter  
September 29 - October 1
Jefferson, PA    Chesapeake Chapter  
2017 AMCA National Road Runs
June 20-22
Black Hawk, Colorado           Rocky Mountain Chapter

July 24-26
Sequim, WA    Evergreen Chapter
September 11-13        
Lake Tahoe, CA    Fort Sutter Chapter
September 20-23        
Chattanooga, TN    Smoky Mountain Chapter
All dates and locations are tentative and subject to change.  
Visit for links to each event and Event Details.


RidesMember Notice (Continued) 
"AMCA Directory"

The thing to understand is that PCI can only offer this directory to AMCA at no cost to the club by selling AMCA merchandise to recover their staff and printing cost. Also note that club does not receive any proceeds from the merchandise sales. The only proceeds to the club are from the actual sales of the directories. And when I say the club, that you and me. Money made from advertising, merchandise, etc. is what helps pay the bills and ward of membership increases for years.

Despite the few negative comments on social media the truth is that positive response by members have been more than expected. Keep in mind the reason we did not originally launch this campaign as a mass email only is that only 2-8 % of people usually reply. With PCI's help the task was to contact over 13,000 active and expired members.  Although only to date only one-third of the members have yet to be contacted here are the results so far.
  • 27.84 % response
  • 139 Longtime expired members resigned
  • 855 Membership Directories sold
 It is worth restating that the 2018 Membership Directory is like that of a College Yearbook as opposed to AMCA's normal roster. This Directory will allow members to have photos included. And yes, AMCA will return to a $15 or cheaper paper roster in the future.

This secton is normally for Member's motorcycles. If you would like to contribute to the "Member's Ride" section, please contact AMCA Executive Director, Keith Kizer.