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Membership Campaign

Dear PALCUS Members and Friends,
As part of our overall initiative to continue helping our community during the COVID-19 crisis, we would like to announce that 5% of all new memberships from now until the end of August will go towards the #SupportOurElders campaign, to provide meals and groceries to our seniors. 
If you are already a PALCUS member, please share this with family and friends and encourage them to join you in supporting our community.  If you are not a member, please join us today!

PALCUS has been working diligently to help the community during the COVID-19 Crisis through our three campaigns #SupportPortugueseBusiness #PortugueseHeroes  
and  #SupportOurElders  and partnering with organizations who are doing great work, even while we are sheltered in place. You can donate directly to this campaign here:
#SupportPortugueseBus iness
We need your help to continue doing this work, and also keep all of our other programs and initiatives running.  Some of these programs include:
  • Make Portuguese Countâ„¢ in the 2020 Census
  • Scholarship Program
  • Virtual Internship Program
  • Informational Webinars
  • PALITICUS Podcasts
  • Advocacy efforts regarding STARTALK funding of Portuguese language programs
  • Communicating important information to the community (newsletter, social media)
  • And so much more! Please visit our website to see all of our programs and how you can participate. 
Here are some recent comments from our members:

"I support PALCUS to stay connected to my family and community heritage. Membership in PALCUS is one way to nurture the next generation and continue the tradition of respect, encouragement, and passion that we have received from earlier generations" - Dr. Jim Mello, Steubenville, OH
"I joined PALCUS for two reasons. First, I wanted to support the work of the organization as it relates to promoting the voice of the Portuguese community within legislative circles. It is important for policymakers to be mindful of the perspectives and needs of the Portuguese community, as distinct from other ethnically-defined constituencies. Second, I wanted to have opportunities for education on matters of interest and importance to the Portuguese community as broadly defined nationally. I have come to understand that my own particular experience -- son of immigrants from the Azores raised in greater Boston -- is by no means representative of the larger Portuguese-American experience, which is assuredly diverse" -David Silva, Swampscott, MA
"I joined PALCUS in order to be part of an organization that is devoted to keeping and promoting the Portuguese heritage, customs and values alive in the United States and acknowledging the contribution that Portuguese-Americans make everyday. PALCUS' lobbying efforts and initiatives are critical to ensuring that decision makers are aware of the critical services that are extremely important to the Portuguese- American communities throughout the United States. PALCUS, however, does much more; from sponsoring scholarships opportunities for Portuguese-Americans, to recognizing the hard working Portuguese-Americans throughout the United States that are making a difference in these unprecedented times, PALCUS is the voice of Portuguese Community in the United States." - John Monteiro, Loundonville, NY
"The values instilled by my parents informed my political views and I hold public office in my NJ town's council. I find the Portuguese immigrants to be one of the warmest, hardest-working communities. The biggest testimony to them, is the success of their children. By and large, 2nd and 3rd generation children are well-integrated into the social fabric of this great country, and have registered great success in a variety fields. This is evidenced by the community around me in NJ and the many PALCUS videos I see online. My favorite video is the Paliticus episode with state senator Jessica de la Cruz in Rhode Island. Not only does she sound like the mother of a great family, but I'm encouraged by the viewpoints she champions in her state in her political capacity." - Daniel Francisco, Englishtown, NJ
"I'm 3rd generation Madeirense on my mom's side.  My family picked sugar cane in Hawaii to pay off their boat fare from Portugal and on to California.  Once in California, they picked and canned fruit like most Portuguese immigrants in the Santa Clara valley.  I joined PALCUS in the hopes that we have a voice in DC who will fight for hard working Portuguese immigrants, whether they are assimilated professionals or manual laborers who just got off the boat" - Pascha (Ferreira) Smalley, Osseo, MN
"PALCUS is doing an incredible job supporting Portuguese Businesses and helping those in need. Every single person who is a part of this great organization should be proud of what they have been doing and my family and I send our thanks to you all for not standing by and giving back. PALCUS Leadership are all Portuguese Heroes" 
- Zachery Ramos, Gustine, CA
"I love how PALCUS is supporting our Portuguese businesses & our Heroes." - Mari Marques-Thomas
"Wow! You are doing amazing work in Washington DC. Thank you for all you are doing for the Portuguese community" - Rose Silva King
"Amazing job in our community" - Joao Santos, Washington, DC

Will you help us continue doing great work for our community?

PALCUS depends on the support of its members and friends to maintain a strong voice for Portuguese-Americans in the United States.

Our volunteer board gives freely of its time, talent and treasure to promote our programs but your helping hand is needed to keep our operations up and running.

As a non-partisan charitable and educational organization, PALCUS is not affiliated with any political party

Frequently asked questions:

What are PALCUS' fixed operating expenses?
PALCUS' fixed expenses include salary and employment taxes for one employee, postage, supplies, equipment and utilities as well as IT maintenance and platform fees.

How are programs funded?
  • Scholarships are funded by the Rosa Family Foundation with matching funds from Merrill Lynch as well as other donors and book sales. Scholarship funds are maintained in a segregated, temporarily restricted account..
  • Internships are funded by fundraising efforts such as the recent Giving Tuesday campaign and the sale of custom items such as ornaments or books. These funds are tagged as temporarily restricted.
  • Annual Awards Gala PALCUS' flagship fundraising event, is funded by ticket sales and sponsors with proceeds designated for unrestricted operating funds - *the 2020 Annual Gala and National Conference scheduled for October has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Congressional Receptions are funded by sponsorships.
  • Staff Operations are funded by membership dues, unrestricted donations and fundraising events.
As a non-profit organization, PALCUS depends on funds from membership dues and donations.  Your tax deductible donation helps us to provide the programs that benefit our community.

~Shopping on via  AmazonSmile    Just designate PALCUS as your preferred charity by searching for "Portuguese-American Leadership Council".

~Give online via PayPal on our  website   by clicking the " Donate Now " button.

~ Checks are gratefully accepted payable to PALCUS. 
Mail to PALCUS, 9255 Center Street, Suite 404, Manassas, VA 20110. 

~Matching Funds:   Check with your Human Resources office to double your contribution, as your company could have a program to match your donation.

~Charitable Bequests:  Some PALCUS members have joined the "PALCUS Legacy Society" by providing for a gift in their wills. Please visit HERE  to learn more. 

PALCUS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Gifts are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law and will be acknowledged.

PALCUS is a membership-driven organization. We depend  upon the participation of its members to inform us about their concerns as well as their activities as Portuguese Americans in the United States.
Your membership supports us so that we can support you, not only to keep us up and running, but to lend your voice for a better tomorrow for our community.
By joining PALCUS you will have exclusive access to "Members Only" news publications, programs, reports, invitations and member discounted tickets to PALCUS events.

What is a sustaining member?  When you join us as a PALCUS member on memberplanet, your membership automatically renews annually saving you time and trouble and giving us a reliable stream of support. 

Membership starts at just $25 per year for Young Portuguese-Americans, and $50 for General Membership, $100 for Associate Membership and $500 for Charter Membership.  Visit our membership page for categories and benefits.

Contact Gracielle Camilo at for more information.

Newsletter Archive

Read past issues of the LUSUS Newsletter at!lusus-newsletter/cbac 

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Jobs for Portuguese Speakers
Jobs for Portuguese Speakers

If you want to put your Portuguese language skills to use in your next job, there are many opportunities out there! Visit the  Jobs for Portuguese Speakers Facebook page to see some job openings.

Contact Information

Phone: 202-466-4664

9255 Center St., Suite 404
Manassas, VA 20110
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PALCUS Mission

In order to create a singular voice to advocate  for the Portuguese-American and Luso-American communities at large, the Portuguese-American Leadership Council of the United States Inc. (PALCUS) was founded in 1991  as a 501(c)3 non-partisan, non-profit, organization headquartered in Washington D.C.
The PALCUS mission is to address domestic and international concerns of the Portuguese-American Community.
The Council conducts an expanding program of educational and public affairs activities on issues of interest to the Portuguese-American community and of salience to the Luso-American Relationship.
PALCUS is committed to serving the community through increasingly active government relations efforts, the promotion of a greater awareness of ethnic accomplishments and encouraging stronger ties between Portugal and the United States. In this role PALCUS advances the community professionally, politically and culturally while working to ensure that issues directly affecting our community are addressed through our network of government and community leaders.

PALCUS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia.  Donations are tax deductible to extent allowed by law.

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